Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Have you ever asked God for something, and you were so upset because you felt he didn't deliver? Hmmm. It's a curious thing, isn't it? I mean after all, God is God, and doesn't HE decide who gets what?

I think that we often forget that answers include yes, no, and maybe later. However, it's encouraging to others to share stories of when God answers in your favor, but the story I am going to share with you was answered in this individual's favor, and this particular story is about God's timing.

That is important too, so just have a seat, grab your coffee cup, and soak in the power of a miracle.

What Have You Asked God for? 

I can recall a particular Sunday in which I was struggling with my faith, and asking God for something that I really did need, not just something that I wanted. 

After all, I was born and raised in a Christian home, and my grandmother and I were just chatting about prayer, and how we all tend to go to God with our wants, rather than our needs. Do we abuse grace or what? 

As it turned out, my Pastor decided to preach, sharing a story on this very thing. I was astounded as usual, even knowing that this is God's way. I was hanging on every word, and my Pastor is easy to listen to anyhow, as he is very charismatic in the way he speaks and is great with holding everyone's attention. 

Pastor was telling a story about when he was a newlywed, and he and his wife were barely making ends meet as a young pastor. His wife was working but it just wasn't enough yet, as they were in a small church and relying on what God provided through tithes and offerings. 

Yep, every Sunday it seemed the church got smaller! He would laugh about that, but he never complained. Their car had broken down, and they had no way of getting a new one. They were truly in need, and they decided to fast and pray for God to supply their need. 

They had already been praying for about a month, and by the time they decided to fast, it was even more dire, with no money in the bank, and living on faith. 


One morning, they woke up, and when Pastor was just leaving to go to the church office, he saw a truck sitting in his driveway. 

He called to his young wife, and she had not a clue who it belonged to or why it was there. She ran to the door and walked up to the truck with him, and behind the windshield wipers was a handwritten note, that said: 
"This old truck may not be very pretty, but it runs real good. I thought you and your wife could use it, as you live by faith, so you really don't need  car payment." Then a big smiley face, with no name. 

God had provided, and there was such joy over such a beaten up old truck that most people would just complain about and whine about. They were thrilled, with literally only a prayer, they hopped in and drove around the block. The truck sounded like new, and it was all they needed to get to church and back. 

Okay, maybe an occasional trip to Pizza Hut! Do you have a need? Rather than share it with everyone, why not go to God first? Hmmm. Yep, that's living courageously. Live by faith my friends, and share it with others too. 

Why not wear it and share it publicly? Just go to www.courageouslife.com, and find a way that fits you to share your courage! 

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