Monday, February 4, 2013

Live for an Audience of One

Don't you love this photo? It's amazing, refreshing, and just peaceful to look at. I love to just sit and stare at it in the hustle and bustle of my day, and the cares just seem to melt away.

It's amazing what you can take in when you are alone, standing there in the moment, and just feeling all else drift away from you. De-stressing is what we call it here in America! When you are sitting here looking at this photo, are you wondering what others are thinking about you? No.

Is your mind filled with noise? No. Are you hurrying off to pick up the kids at school? No. Because if you were standing here you would be in the moment, by yourself, just living for an audience of one. The question is, would you stand and look at this photo every day? If you thought it would clear the mind and give you peace, I'm sure you would, right?

Live for an Audience of One Daily 

Okay, so I'm all about love, peace, and chicken grease, and if I knew I could get peace and respite daily, then I would do whatever it took to get that. So, if we can get this by talking with God on a regular basis, why don't we just do that? 

Why are we always looking to the outside fix? Even if others turn to alcohol, wouldn't be better not to? Wouldn't it just be better to turn to God, pray, and lay our cares upon Him? I love the sound of that, and I'm sure you do too. Are you afraid of what others think? 

God has called us to be bold and courageous, and oftentimes that is the last thing we think He has asked us to do. God has asked that of us for all the time, NOT just every now and then. This means that when others think you should turn to something a bit more esoteric if you will, or something that is mind altering to escape it all, WHY not just turn to Him? 

He is the only one that matters, right? 

I know it's not always easy, but living our life and serving God isn't always easy. God has called us to a life that is extraordinary, with HIS help, even though we are just ORDINARY beings. 

So, who will you live for? Yourself or for God? 

All that matters is that you live for an audience of one, and that means, it's time for you to live courageously

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