Friday, February 22, 2013

Mother Theresa a Woman of Courage

You might be wondering why so many loved Mother Theresa, and why so many looked up to her. It wasn't about her good works but it was always in fact about her compassion for others. Her belief was that no matter how others reacted to her kindness, she would still do it anyhow.

It has been said to have access to her diaries would have been a monumental gift, but with that aside, it's worth studying her as a woman to see how as a figure of compassion and grace, she had ways of sharing love that most of us wouldn't consider.

So, what is it about Mother Theresa that gives us such a great example to follow? It was probably her ability to speak about kindness and compassion, but also her ability to truly carry it out.

Who is Mother Theresa? 

If you aren't familiar with Mother Theresa, you should be. Learning to be more courageous and compassionate has everything to do with her these days. 

While some of us cannot fathom all of her time spent on those less fortunate, she believed it to be the ONLY way to live her life. In fact, if you have ever watched The Secret, you know that they mention her. Perhaps it's not the law of attraction, but it's probably the fact that:

  • She was only focused on doing and NOT having
  • She lived what she taught
  • She was consistent
  • She cared for those that no one else would care for 

As a result, people looked to her as a great example, but were often still not prepared to do what she was doing. Let's face it, if someone smells bad, are we anxious to get closer to them? No. In fact, I know I often don't feel that way. 

No joke intended here, but it's getting close to those that no one else wants to get close to that builds courage in your life whether you realize it or not. It is just that we don't WANT to do something? Or is it perhaps because people fear that they will be rejected by others

Perhaps isolation is a better word, because your friends may not follow you or support your endeavor. It takes courage to do what others won't, and to keep on doing it when everyone else has walked away. Does that make sense? 

So, what are you doing or focusing on doing to help others? Do you volunteer your time, or do you make it a point to compliment people each day? Do you make it a point to do more of something you should have done a long time ago?

No matter what the case may be, the thing is you need to understand that to be who God wants you to be, it will require you to do things you normally wouldn't consider. So, can you do that? Do you long to be courageous

Only you can decide for yourself. 

If you want to live courageously, read the story of Mother Theresa, and then focus on just serving others. It takes courage to serve too, because you may not get anything in return. Are you willing to accept that? 

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