Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prayer Movement? How Prayer Could be Making it's Way Back into the Schools!

Is This Just a New Way to Get Prayer Inside Schools?

Prayer movement you say? Ah, that could be the case when it comes to the state of Arkansas, and no doubt it's being questioned due to those that always scream about the freedom of religion.

While many argue today that Christians talk too much about their faith, they are simply exercising their rights. Myself included, a Christian that isn't afraid to speak their mind!

After all, I thought the issue was freedom of, and not "freedom from". Right? So, if a bill passes in the state of Arkansas that allows students to take a moment of silence and reflect, how hard could it be to pray? I can pray anywhere, anytime, and pray about anything I want.

Whether or not the schools allow prayer doesn't matter as far as the ability for one to pray to God our Father, but the practice of prayer once taken out of school has shown what can happen. Yes, it speaks for itself folks. Would you agree that the mandate to take a moment of silence might be great for our schools? Maybe Arkansas is on to something!

Create Your Own Prayer Movement 

While Arkansas is having this debate over the moment of silence in schools and whether or not it encourages prayer in schools, what are you doing to get some activity on this in your schools? Would you be a willing vessel to start a prayer movement

The bill in this case was presented by Republican representative Debra Hobbs, and it states that time to reflect quietly and pray is mandatory. The idea that Hobbs puts on the table is that it helps students prepare for their day adequately. Would you agree? Most Christians, myself included attempt to start the day off with prayer, and in this respect, Hobbs is approaching this the same way. 

The interesting point is the comment that Hobbs made to a local TV stations, which was, and I quote:

"Prayer was added in the language so if a student chooses to pray, 'the teacher can't say 'Oh you can't pray in school,'" Hobb said to a local TV station."
It's amazing that this has been such a touchy subject for so long, and yet now there is someone attempting to do something about it. The press is naturally going after this story big time, all in all they are haters of the press in that they would love to just shut this thing down and make it sound like someone is trying to find a sly way to "slip prayer into the school."

The funny thing is, anyone can pray anywhere at any time. Even if the bill gets rejected, it was a great stand taken by Hobbs, and one that we should model after her, and no doubt begin to build a case for starting our own prayer movement. Don't you agree?

Do you stand up for what you believe in? I know I haven't always done so, and the thing is, prayer is a privilege. It is the direct connection to our Heavenly Father. How could we do without it? Why do we tolerate such arguments over something our forefathers did when this country was started?

Isn't it a free country or is becoming communist? Something to think about. We cannot live without prayer, and neither can our children. If you would like to see prayer in school, then don't let up. Even if we approached it as allowing our students to hold Bible studies, we are starting somewhere. With so many clubs that schools offer, why not allow our kids to hold a Bible study, right?

Have courage, have faith. Parent's, if we don't teach our kids the right way, we won't teach them at all. Start praying about how you can start your own prayer movement right where you are, and always live courageously!

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