Monday, March 11, 2013

Techniques to Overcome Fear, Improve Spiritual Health & Maintain Values

It is an unfortunate truth that for many in today’s society, courage is not something that comes naturally. Everyday life discourages bold action, and it is easy to become comfortable in a life of timidity and inactivity. This sort of mindset leads to unhappiness, dissatisfaction with life, and ultimately, depression and unfulfilled goals. It is therefore important, if not essential, to make every effort to remove yourself from the vicious cycle of thoughts encouraged by modern life and live boldly! Cultivating a life of courage will lead you to establish goals and dreams you never would have even thought of before, and give you the willpower to achieve them.

Most of us cannot simply become courageous on command, though. Creating this new mindset takes work and courage in itself, but it can be done! To become more courageous, it is important to focus on spiritual health. You can focus on a few different aspects of your life to improve your spiritual health and in turn become more naturally courageous.

1. Meditation - One way to start cultivating a new mindset of bravery and action is through focused thought and meditation. Meditation can help alter your thought processes and become more positive and active in everyday life, helping you take responsibility, achieve goals and improve spiritual health. Try meditating on achieving victory over fear to put your mind at ease. To do this, set aside half an hour where you can sit quietly without distraction. During this time, sit with your eyes closed and consider the advantages of courage and all the disadvantages of fear. Tell yourself that you actually possess the courage you want to have. Doing this repeatedly for a few weeks or months will help that courage start to manifest itself in everyday life.

2. Establish an Inner Dialogue – Many people are afraid to confront their own thoughts. To counter this, force yourself to establish a dialogue with yourself by bringing those thoughts to the forefront. You can do this by keeping a personal journal or by writing poetry or stories which are reflections of your inner feelings. You can even privately talk to yourself on a regular basis. Doing this will force you to develop a strong relationship with the self and help you become more confident in your understanding of yourself.

3. Read Something Inspirational – Oftentimes, the messages coming from your inner dialogue may be too negatively focused. To counter this, read encouraging or inspiring books or stories to shift your mindset. Experts can provide valuable tips on how to develop and maintain confidence and reading their words will help you maintain focus on your goals.

4. Surround Yourself with Reminders – One of the most difficult parts of leading a courageous life is the numerous distractions which surround us and keep us from focusing on our goals. Reminders around the house or workplace in the form of notes, images, or even apparel can be valuable tools in your mindset-altering arsenal.

What other ways have you found to help you to maintain and improve spiritual health to live a more courageous life? Let us know in the comments below!

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