Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to Be a Rich Woman

Have you ever wondered what you would need to do to learn how to be a rich woman? What would it take for you to acquire wealth, status, and favor in the eyes of the world around you? For most women this is the goal, but for others it's not.

Many women only long to be rich in love and life, build better relationships with family and friends, and are not as concerned with the material things of this world. Many women want only what love can bring, and not the material things. So, can a woman be truly rich in all aspects of life?

Does a woman have to sacrifice one to get the other? Are both possible? Is it a sin to have money? Of course NOT! The truth is, God wants you to live richly, but there are some guidelines, and some things that you need to remember in order to live the life God intended.

If you want to learn how to be a rich woman, KEEP READING.

How to be a Rich Woman is About What You Think? 

Have you ever heard that learning how to be a rich woman starts with how you think? If you have ever watched The Secret movie, you know what I mean. The idea that you attract wealth into your life, right? What about the idea that you attract the poor into your life?

You can still attract anything, because perception is projection. While I believe that The Secret is made up of biblical principles and distorted, it has occurred to me that yes, we could stand to change the way we think.

Let it be known that you:

  1. Believe in thinking good and pure thoughts
  2. Believe in thinking on whatsoever is honest and lovely
  3. Believe in thinking that you are fearfully and wonderfully made 

These are all things that make a woman believe that she can achieve wealth from the time she is a young child. Can you imagine growing up as a little girl, and hearing your father call you "princess"? Isn't that wonderful feeling?

If you did not experience that, then you may read this, with the emotions clawing at your heart, despising him for NOT calling you "princess". You are NOT alone. There are countless women out there just like you that have been in that space of pain.

Just as it's important for fathers to tell their daughters how beautiful they are, they also need to instill in them that they can have, be, or do anything they desire. This includes learning how to be a rich woman. Whatever context that comes in, the choice is yours.

Life is all about choices, so what do you choose? As we get older, it's our responsibility to decide what is best, and to separate the bad from the good. We need to find mentors that can come alongside us and give us guidance.

Even if you see a child that is struggling that isn't yours, wouldn't you help them? Don't you want them to be able to recognize what God's best for their life really is?

If you believe that all girls should and can learn how to be a rich woman, then be sure to stop by and check out our website at www.courageouslife.com today!

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