Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Am Love!

I am love, are you? It's a great question, and it's one that has people talking these days. Everyone wants to know what love is, but yet they try to hard to hit the mark with something that is anything but. The truth is, love is all we should ever be, or all we should ever really offer to someone. Do you believe this? I do, and I know that love can heal you as well.

In fact, if you have never had the chance to read writings about Mother Theresa and her life and works, take the time to do so. That woman was a true example of love, and what love can do for people. It is no surprise that Mother Theresa was well respected by so many, as she wanted to reach out to those that no one else would reach out to.

So, rather than asking a question about whether or not you are love, wouldn't it be wise to make an affirmation? What about stating to others, "I am love." It's really simple, and I find that just making that statement as your affirmation, will do far more for you than it would to question it.

Let me tell you a story.

I Am Love Whether You Are or Not

I was chatting with the girlfriend of a friend of mine the other day, and it's an understatement to say that she is an amazing individual. We will call her "Lynn" in this case to protect her identity as is generally the case here. 

Recently, her boyfriend took his life, and she was deeply in love with him, but after the fact, she came across an old email in his email account, where he states that he wasn't so sure about how he really felt for her until the end of January. 


She had fallen madly in love with him, and while he continued to tell her he loved her, his emails made her feel otherwise. She felt deceived, and she sees something that makes her believe that he deceived himself as well. 

The reality is that I don't think that he could live with himself. He had been living a life filled with lost jobs, high use of alcohol, drugs, and women previously to try and cover up how he really felt about himself. This really had nothing to do with her, but naturally as humans, when our self worth is down we tend to believe that people do things as the result of us "not being enough".

I am love, and I give love. How about that for an affirmation? 

I Am Love and I Am Loved 

It is often do hard for us to go back and look at things differently, and believe that yes, we are loved, as we are love. We have to KNOW that we know that we know, that our value isn't based upon what someone else thinks or does. 

Our value is determined by God the Father, our Creator and Friend. Was there ever a time when you believed that you weren't enough? Have you ever felt as though you weren't enough for someone to love you back? 

Ah, God tells us that we are worth more than gold and silver. In fact, God is clear about telling us that our worth isn't based on what others say. The human mind and heart are full of error and deception, as we are only human. 

It's up to each of us to choose to say, I am love. Loving others is courageous

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