Friday, April 19, 2013

Motivation Letter to a Person in Need

Have you ever heard of the motivation letter? While you might think it's a letter written to someone to inspire them or motivate them to do something, it's actually a bit different.

This letter is NOT even close to helping you get motivated, but rather to help you motivation someone to look at you as their solution!

Need I say more? Could it be that you can easily motivate someone to hire you? Could it be that you easily get others to come around to your way of thinking?

What if you could easily persuade an organization to believe that you alone are the ideal candidate. This is what the motivation letter is all about.

However, what if you wrote a letter to someone in need that motivated them to change their life? What if you could write a simple letter to help someone gain a better understanding of what they could do each day for positive change?

Let's take a look at a short letter that a mother wrote to her child to do just that!

A Mother's Motivation Letter 

There is no doubt that the purpose of writing something motivational is to get someone to make a move! Sometimes I believe it was intended for part of the word motivate to be missing letters to spell MOVE!

Moms are good at this; getting people to move, or getting their children to do things that need to be done. However, as children we can often be stubborn about it, right? So, how does a mom take the concept of an application letter and use it for the betterment of her child?

It read a little something like this:

"Dear Son,

I know that while you may be feeling down about not getting that job you applied for, remember, you are MY son. In fact, not only are you MY son, but you are an amazing man. You don't know this one detail of your life, so let me share it with you to prove that you are a fighter, and that yes, you WILL make it.

When you were born, you were a bit early. In fact, you were early enough to make everyone worry, and to get the attention of the doctors and nurses in the hospital for that thing they call, "STAT".  You were very unhealthy, and the doctor told me then that you would probably not grow fast enough, eat properly, or you could have a host of problems. That is what HE said.

You had other others plans though, and you fought to stay alive, and then you fought some more. I was impressed with you then, and I am still impressed with you now. See, my dear son, at a time in your life when you just came into this world, with very little chance of survival, and all of the odds stacked against you, you still made it. I believed in you, even though you weren't aware, it's that thing they call "energy", but I also call it a "mother's love".

No matter how much I loved you then or love you now, it's still your choice. You come into your own because you DECIDE, not because someone does it for you. You did it then, and you can do it again. You could feel my belief, but you still in your own way chose to fight as an infant. Now, you can choose again.


Mom's Motivation Letter with Love

Now do you see? Can you see how a motivation letter can be something more than a cover letter? Can you see how this letter could motivate a young college graduate to keep trying? To keep reaching? These days, we have enough tragedy and lose enough hope that it's not worth getting people to shed more tears.

Motivation is what makes the difference, and if you care about someone today that is struggling, why not write them a motivation letter of your own? Live courageously.

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