Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Only Disability is a Bad Attitude

The only disability in life is a bad attitude, let it be known. Lately, I've seen a lot of these bad attitudes, and yet people can't seem to see what I see. How is it possible that no one understands this? How is it possible that people can live in the dark, and not help others?

I also know that if you don't see God in all, you won't see God at all. Yes, that's true too. However, if we choose NOT to see him, it's a disability for sure, meaning that we have chosen to blind ourselves. So, why is it that we choose a road that seems so easy at the first, but yet we know ends in destruction?

Life is all about choices, and each day that we awaken, we MUST decide. As hard as it is, we have to decide, and as adults when we have children and we are responsible for these young lives and minds, we are required to take the high road and walk a bit more.

The only disability is a bad attitude.

The Only Disability is Choosing to NOT Have a Vision

It has been said that "where there is no vision, the people perish". I think that's true, how about you? While many of us have a vision of what we want for our business and our lives, we need to have a greater vision for it. 

In reality, that quote came out of the Word of God, and while others may deny it, it's true. God has taught us the value of vision, and if don't heed to that, we will miss out on the best God has to offer us. Why would we want to do that and risk it all? 

The only disability is choosing NOT to see what God has for us, don't you agree? I mean, in reality, we could see so many things, but without God, there is no beauty, with no clear path. Make sense? We can't really go it alone in life, and that is why God tells us to call out to Him, and to seek Him. 

Not only that, but this is why he calls us to fellowship with one another in an attempt to encourage each other and lift each other up when things get rough. Remember the story of Moses and Aaron? This is a perfect story! 

The Only Disability Moses Had Was Lack of Faith 

Remember when God told Moses to go and approach the Pharoah and ask him to let the people go? Moses was mortified because he was so sure that he wouldn't be able to speak well enough to get the Pharoah to say yes! 

The Lord was angry with Moses, no doubt, and as it turns out, even God knew that Moses' brother was a good speaker. Ah, Moses had a way out, but it still didn't please God that Moses didn't feel that he could do the job with God's help. 

Aaron was right there for Moses, all along. He would have been there whether or not Moses thought he could do it, but Moses was so reluctant, and what cost? His lack of faith! 

Sometimes, the only disability is lack of faith. Wouldn't you agree? Don't let Satan have a foothold in your life, instead, turn to God every time without reservation and let God have his way. Don't let life get the best of you or anyone else for that matter. 

Live courageously! The only disability is NOT doing so! 

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