Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Words of Wisdom-Inspiration for Living

Words of wisdom are always nice to get, especially in times of trouble, or if you are in a time of need.

You have probably received some wise words from your parents, grandparents, Pastors, teachers, professors, and friends that you trust. What did you do with them? That is the important part.

It has been said that the man that is foolish doesn't receive wisdom very well. Do you agree? In our humanness, we often refuse instruction, and we keep our elders at arms length.

Why? We know that we cannot deal with the truth most of the time. How sad. It's better for us to face it head on.

When was the last time you were given some words of wisdom? What did you do with them? Let me tell you a story.

The Last Words of Widsom I Ever Got 

I recall a time when my dad had given me a wise word before I went out to the car to grab something out of the trunk. He always told me, "look before you leap, and look before you lean." I never understood that, but dad always had a reason for EVERYTHING he ever said. 

So, what did I do? I walk out to the trunk, and without looking, I lean toward the trunk to pick up the shopping bags from the grocery store. As I reached in and my leg touched the hot exhaust pipe, it took a few seconds before I went, "YOW!" 

My parents weren't too dramatic, in fact, they heard me scream on the inside of the kitchen, but they didn't come running. Why? Dad always knew the difference between life and death, and life and dumb! So, when I went into the house with those two grocery bags and tears streaming down my face, he said, what happened to your leg? 

I looked him for a second and said, "I leaned forward without looking." He sort of smiled, but his eyes were that of a loving father. Dad just stood there for a second as that half-moon shape bubbled up on my leg with a nasty blister. 

Dad said, "I guess you'll look from now on, right?" He then told me to sit down while he grabbed an ice pack. See, it isn't that dad didn't care, but because he was raised with a militant father, and he was in the military, he just always said things without really explaining himself. He always told us that it didn't  matter why he told us to do something, just to do it. Those are words of wisdom

Will You Receive Words of Wisdom? 

Now that question becomes, will you receive words of wisdom? Will you receive instruction? I have found that as men and women go through life refusing instruction, they end up suffering more by doing things that they could have avoided. 

It pains me to see people in this space, of where they have:
  1. No love
  2. No instruction
  3. No one to show them they care
  4. No one to listen

Sad isn't it? It's funny how we as children get mad when our parents discipline us, but when we grow up to be adults, we understand why they did what they did, and said what they said, and we then hope that we can teach our children every bit as good as they taught us. 

We long for our children to hear us, and to still love us even if we have been hard on them right? I hope that this blog post was insightful for you, and that you are willing to share this with others. If you enjoyed reading "words of wisdom:, please COMMENT below, and share on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can! 

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