Thursday, May 30, 2013

Overcoming Cancer – The Inspirational Story of Karen Long

Karen Long inspires others to never stop fighting.

When faced with the devastating news of being diagnosed with breast cancer, Karen Long had two options: give in to the disease or fight to beat it. For the mother of two, the thought of having her kids grow up without a mother was unbearable. So the only option that mattered to Karen would be that she would fight the long and uphill battle against cancer.

In an unusual series of events, Karen goes into remission from cancer for 5 years only to find out that the cancer had returned in stage 4. With the help of prayer, family support and the support of the Orlando Police Department Karen was able to remain optimistic and continue to fight the battle with cancer.  

Courageous Life documents Karen’s fight against cancer and the story of hope for many.  Special thanks to everyone who helped put this video together.

Help Karen and Courageous Life raise money to fight against cancer by purchasing one of our Courageous Life products. Courageous Life will donate a portion of every sale on merchandise to Libby’s Legacy. The goal is to spread inspirational messages across the globe and help people who are having a hard time with their own circumstances.

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