Monday, October 28, 2013

Courage Done the Army Way

If you were in the Army in years past, were you expected to exhibit courage in a specific way?

Chances are you might say yes, or if you saw something horrific you may not remember. The Army states that their definition of courage is to face fear and danger of any kind, whether it's physical or even moral.

That sounds like a lot of courage and you may not feel you have "Army like" courage or strength at all. In fact, even if you are in the Army, you may have times in which you don't feel as strong as you would like to, or as strong as you are expected to.

There are ways for you to get stronger, and to help you stay that way. We wanted to share with you how you can be courageous not only with the help of the Army, but why it's okay to have friends in your life to give you a nudge.

Courage Comes in Community 

Some of you can make it seem so easy; you feel confident about everything in your life, or you at least appear to be confident with most things in your life. What about courage?

It's a tough place to be when you don't feel strong, and you are faced with adversity. If you have been in the military or you are today, you may feel less than strong if you have been faced with a tough situation. Most of us just cannot fathom where you have been. In an effort to help you cope, there services available to you, including:

These won't always be easy for you to access, but the theme for the Army for 2013 has been "The Courage to Seek Help." The month of October is dedicated to bringing awareness to Army families and others around them. This is an endeavor that is much needed, especially in times of war.

This is also a great thing because it can teach our children the value of seeking help, and that it's courageous to do so. After all, isn't the plan of life to reach out and love others? To extend a hand and help others in need? Whether that need is financial, spiritual, or to help them face something daunting, it's there.

The main goal for those serving our country is to identify problems now before they escalate. It's better to save a life now and encourage a life, then lose one. Do you agree?

We believe that courage is having faith and helping others. We want to promote this idea, and to reach out a hand to all who could use a little encouragement. Do you know a soldier or a family member or spouse of someone serving that could use a little encouragement and inspiration?

Tell them about our community on Facebook, and why not send them a tshirt or hat as a gift? You can go HERE to take a look at what we have to offer. We thank you for stopping by, and we salute you for your service to our country in times past and present, whenever and wherever you have served.

Have courage!

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