Thursday, October 17, 2013

Inspirational Words from Desiree on Reinventing Yourself

Inspirational words for your life are never easy to find when you feel like you can't do something. Especially losing weight and taking care of yourself. America has been on a binge for a really long time.

Desiree Tebeau knows how you feel. She came to a realization that things weren't good when her father had fallen, and she couldn't get to him fast enough.

Desiree weighed in at 375 pounds, and when she stepped on the scale she just said, "enough". She had already had trouble with her knees, but the weight made it really difficult for her, even after having surgery on her knees.

What started all of this? It was nothing more than battling physical therapy, pain, her dad's diagnosis of cancer, and to cope with it she just kept eating.

While there are many stories we could write to share with you, we know that inspirational words couldn't come soon enough for those of you who have been battling obesity for a long time. We know that instead of criticism and constant nagging from friends and family, what you need is a little direction and some inspirational words to help you get through.

Inspirational Words from Desiree 

The breaking point for Desiree was when plus size no longer worked for her. Upon her 30th birthday, her mother had purchased a size XXXL size in men's jeans, and when she put them on, they ripped. At that moment, Desiree's heart sank. What options did she have? 

No one came to her aid with inspirational words, she just decided that she had to reinvent herself. She set out on a mission to:
  • Cut out dairy
  • Carbs 
  • Eat lean fish and turkey meat 
  • Special K bars for snacks rather than sweets 

She wants you to know that it's often the small changes that matter, and it isn't that dramatic jump that makes it happen. In fact, if you were to look at the challenges that most overweight individuals face, they come from the inside. It's often a life of abuse, neglect, low self-esteem, and other challenges that spur an individual to binge eat. 

Desiree says to start out small, then kick it up a notch and get a trainer if you can. You'll need encouragement along the way and it may not be from your family and friends. Coaching never hurt anyone! 

We at Courageous Life believe in you, and we are here to give you the inspirational words you need to make it! We believe that by sticking together, encouraging each other to have courage, make better choices, and live life to the fullest, it takes a community. That's us. 

So, here is what you do! Order one of our t-shirts today. You can look when you go HERE right now at our men's and ladies apparel. Order the size you want to fit into. Then, go and set goals for yourself. Once you reach your goal, will you send us your photo and let us see how you are doing? 

We aren't a training center or weight loss program, we are to say, "Hey, you can do this!" We wish you all of the best, and we are always here to offer some courage, inspirational words, and more at Courageous Life

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