Friday, November 8, 2013

Be Courageous and Touch the Untouchable!

Has anyone ever told you to be courageous and talk to the people that you normally wouldn't talk to? What about touching people that are what others would call unclean in their dress and in their appearance? 
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It seems that at times we hear the most remarkable stories of those that are willing to reach out to those that we normally wouldn't approach, and we hear about public figures like Mother Theresa that reached out and touched the lives of the poor and needy. 

You may not have ever found yourself doing this type of work, or maybe you think about it but it somehow always seems to escape your mind. Pope Francis decided to be courageous when he reached out to touch a man and pray for him. 

The man he touched to pray for is severely disfigured and his face is covered with tumors. Who would touch this man besides the Pope? Not anyone that I know of, and I would find myself shuttering at the sight of such a thing if I were up close and personal with them. 

Pope Francis has called for courage and compassion from the Catholic Church, but it sure wouldn't hurt the rest of us to show compassion and love to those that we normally wouldn't consider talking to or even touching for that matter.

The church, no matter what denomination is called to be "Christ like", and this means that we are to live as He lived, and to walk as He walked never passing judgment on others for what they look like, do or even say. 

When people are hurting, they simply need someone to be courageous and show them a better way. They just need to see love, they need to feel love and above all they need to know that people genuinely care and are reaching out to them in prayer or any other capacity. 

What will you do with this information and insight today? Will you reach out to those in need or do you intend to avoid the topic altogether? Whatever your feelings are right now, remember it's always right to be courageous and do what others won't. 

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