Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Inspiration from Autistic Twins in NYC Marathon

If you need a little inspiration, you won't have to look much further than Alex and Jamie Schneider, the autistic twins that ran in the NYC marathon.

Human beings have a great way of putting limitations on their own life, and if you have been looking for a glimpse of hope, then this story is what you need to read. The marathon isn't just about the twin brothers, but its a family affair.

These twins have been running from the time they were young, and it's been a great way for them to connect with their parents. These parents aren't disappointed at all, but rather proud that their sons are running this marathon despite the odds.

Have you ever experienced the birth of a child that doctors said wouldn't do much in life? Was your child limited by what doctors had to say about their physical well-being?

The twin's mother say that they are non-verbal most of the time, however, this was the one way that they were able to connect with them when they loved to be chased and chase their dad when they were little. Something so simple turned into a way for the twins to interact and connect with their parents despite their autism.

This story has brought inspiration to millions, and was aired on Good Morning America the morning of the NYC marathon. It was also made known that their was a club that has volunteers that offer to run with individuals with disabilities. What a great organization, and as you can imagine this organization is much loved by the Schneider family.

Did this story give you some inspiration as well? Have you put limits on yourself because of what others say or do to you? Do you allow the opinions of others to rule your actions in this life? It's time to be courageous!

No matter what you might be facing today, just watch this video of the Schneider twins, and be sure to share this with others too. You won't be disappointed, and you may crack a smile! Please check back often for more inspiration from Courageous Life, and if you would love to follow what we are doing to help others, you can connect with us on Facebook HERE!

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