Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anti-Bullying March Takes Place in Port Coquitlam

If you are visiting Port Coquitlam and you see hundreds of pink t-shirts and umbrellas without the pink ribbon, it's the anti-bullying march being done by the organization I AM SOMEONE.

This march took place last year in honor of Amanda Todd, a victim of bullying that made national headlines once she took her life. Last year, the march was  called The Snowflake Walk, but it's now under the new name.

The organizer Greg Moore wanted to change the scope of this year's event, simply because bullying has now made headlines with more incidents of suicide behind it.

Moore was rather sensitive to the Todd Family as they have created their own endeavors. Moore even changed the logo to exemplify the greater good for more teens rather than just one. Although, he always states that every life is just as important as the next.

The movement he is focusing on is one he works on with Carol Todd, the mother of Amanda. Prior to the start of the walk, there was music, other entertainers, and even motivational speakers present to help with the event.

One of the guests was Conrad Gray, another young man being bullied for his autism. He is plenty aware of the fact that others are being bullied for so many reasons, and as a result he wants to support this movement. So, what is the key to helping those that have been bullied? How can you create a strong anti-bullying effort?

Victims of bullying have said that the best place is to start at home. As parents, be involved in what your kids are doing. Talk to them, and make sure they know the door is always open. It's time to raise awareness, and there are still not enough anti-bullying campaigns to go around.

Events are great, support groups are great, and it's great to bring awareness out with some motivational t-shirts too. This is why we offer them here! We believe that bullying is wrong, and we support those that take a stand against it.

Will you take a stand? Check out our full line of motivational apparel, and make it a point to join up with the closest "anti-bullying" campaign you can find!

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