Monday, January 28, 2013

The Power of Now

Has there ever been a time when you wished that you would have done more of something? What about loving someone? Do you regret not showing them that you love the,? What about not telling them that you love them?

Oftentimes, we don't think about these things until these people are gone from our lives, and then and only then do we seem to reflect on life, what we missed, and what we could have done more of. Scary thought isn't it?

Right now, is all we ever have. What will you do with your NOW?

This Magic Moment

You may recall a time in your life when you danced to to the song title that I just used as a subheading, "This Magic Moment". What was yours? Prom night? The day you got engaged or married? The birth of your child? 

For me, it was spending time with my grandmother. It wasn't until after she died that I wished I had spent more time with her, and spent more time just sitting there looking at her. Once she passed, I regretted not spending enough time with her, and NOT gather her wisdom. 

There were days when I spent time reading scriptures to her, and telling her stories, and sometimes when I was a child we sang songs together too. Those were the times that gave me strength during the difficulties in my life. 

I could often hear her whispering to me in the dark places of my life. Sometimes I could hear her praying for me, when I felt no one else was praying for me. I wish I still had her around. 

The power of now. 

If only....

Create More Memories

So, what do you need to do in order to change your life? It's all about creating more memories if that is what you want to call it, but be it far from me to tell you what to do and how to do it. 

It's important to be love, and tell others how you feel whether they are friend or family it matters not. Don't wait for someone to do something for you before you do something for them. That isn't how this works. 

I wish I had spent more quality time with my grandmother before she died, but I didn't. I wish I would have spent more time with my grandfather, and we spent a lot of time together before he passed away. 

I wish I would have told someone that I love them, and because I didn't, they will never know how I felt about them. Don't live with regrets, and gather as much wisdom as possible from your elders so that you can learn valuable lessons to carry with you for life. 

Enjoy the moment, it's all we ever have. Don't let it slip away! 

No matter where you have been or what you have done, it's time to make a change. It's time to live courageously! 

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