Thursday, January 3, 2013

Touched by A Veteran Angel

I never really thought about it much until recently, but God always puts the right people in the right places, at the right time. We can pray, we can go to church, and we can study the Bible, but at the end of the day, do we really believe and live what we say we do believe?

You don't know me, and we may never meet, but that doesn't matter all that much. In fact, it doesn't matter at all. We live on the same planet, and sleep under the same stars and the same sky, and for that matter, we can all have similar experiences. 

Let me share a story with you.

God's Attention to Detail Even When it Rains 

A few weeks back I went to meet my mother for dinner, and the weather was less than desirable. I had been in a dark place, struggling with the fact that I have had multiple miscarriages, and the most recent one was only a few months behind me.

I was doing better, but it would hit me every now and then when I would see a baby, baby furniture, baby clothes, and see everyone's cute baby pictures on Facebook. Yep, that was the worst, and everyone around me just kept having babies.

I arrived at Red Robin, got out of my car, and just as I had opened my door to get out, I turned to see a young couple playing with their little one. He was so cute, had just started walking, and it started to rip my heart out, and tears filled my eyes, and as I turned to walk toward the door, I ran smack into a tall man!

Talk about awkward!

I looked up into his face, and time stopped. All I could do was see his face, and his eyes were smoldering, with the rain just falling softly. He started to apologize for running into me, "Ma'am, I am so sorry I didn't mean to startle you, but I need your help. I am a veteran, and I met a friend here for dinner, and well, he is gone. Here is my ID, I work at the Air Force base, and my wife is at home. I need gas to get to Centerville, Ohio do you know where that is?"

"Yes, I sure do" I said.

"Could you spare ten bucks just so I can have enough gas to get home? I drive an SUV, so that is about what it will take for me to get home" he said.

"Um, well I don't carry cash, but if I have tons of change in my purse. In fact, my husband laughs at me because he asked me what I would do with all that change. I simply told him that someone will need it one day!"

Man, was I right! I had no idea it would happen like this. I dug into my purse and started looking for change, and just doled it out as he stood by my car.

He thanked me over and over, and then it came up that my husband was a coin dealer as I joked about him looking at all of my change, all of the time! He laughed as I tell him that my husband buys from tons of Colonels at the Air Force Base in Dayton.

He then proceeds to tell me as we exchange conversation, that he knows where my husband to used to work, and that his dad still goes there often.

We smiled, and just kept laughing as we stood in the cold rain. Laughter ensued, and then....he asked me the age old question.

"How can I find you  so I can pay you back?" he said.

"Just do me one favor sir. If you run into someone in need, help them out as I have helped you and pay it forward". He nodded and smiled.

Then he said, "Tim, that's my name, thank you so much Tammy".

How did he know my name? I never told him? There is only one way he could have known.


God can do all things, and yet we doubt Him. Buy that person a cup of coffee, give that man on the corner $5 or whatever you have in your  pocket, because if he buys beer that is on him, not you.

After all, God has not called us to do anything less than live courageously.

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