Friday, January 4, 2013

The Breath of Life.....

It's almost like it were yesterday, I could tell you the story that well. Keep in mind I'm 36, and the accident took place when I was just 3 years old.

They say that the memory is a curious thing, but then again, the mind is a powerful thing. Right? Most of us have a story that we could tell like this, where we know God is at work, yet we don't understand the HOW.

The HOW really doesn't matter all that much, but what does matter is that we have FAITH. It seems God has a heart for children, don't you think? What I am about to share with you will prove that, and most of all it will feed your faith and starve your doubts.

The Car Was Definitely Red 

My brother and I are only 3 years apart; he was 6 and I was 3. My mother was a stay at home mom because my father had several Sunoco stations and was gone all day. My mom enjoyed taking us here, there, and everywhere, and of course to see our grandparents often.

We were leaving the house and on our way to the mall that day, and we were driving down a stretch of road in Mason, which is mostly country. It just so happened that it was raining that day and we were driving in a small stretch of residential area.

We were in the historic town of Mason, or what some refer too as "downtown Mason". My mom was almost halfway down the street when a red corvette turned the corner, and he was flying. He flew right into our windshield, like an airplane.


The car just stopped right at my mom's face, as I was hurling through the air from the backseat into the front seat right in between my mom and my brother. Wait, where is he? I look down, and I see him curled up in the floor, with his head nearly up under the dashboard, or rather the glove box.

Wow, he doesn't look so great. I remember seeing his face with blood running down his face, and blood somewhat around his teeth. I look to my left, up at my mom who is wailing and reaches over to grab my hand, and asks me, "Honey, are you okay?" She can't see my brother, so she asks me to tell her what I see.

Just then I hear sirens, and I see the firetruck. I go over the window, and I am ecstatic that someone is there to let me out because I'm 3, and I don't know what to do.

A fireman reaches out and grabs my brother, as I sit on the ground and talk to him as though he is totally fine. My mom is still in the car, and I believe she is invincible so I think nothing of it. After all, she is mom.

I see a bunch of men hooking up the red corvette, pulling it back off of the hood of our car, and what is left of our car isn't much. Well, it looks like an accordion at this point. My mom is pulled out from the wreckage and stands while they hold her, and try to hold her back.

I look back to my brother because the way she looks scares me. I am still looking at my brother, and watching as the fireman gives him what I now know as CPR.

I hear him say something to the medic about my brother not breathing, and that he is dead. I go into a tirade of tears, but everything is happening so fast, and before I know it, I can hear my brother  coughing but he doesn't  open his eyes, and still looks bad..

I see tears in the fireman's eyes as he uses the word "resuscitation".

I didn't have a scratch, but I was taken in the squad with my mom, and my brother was kept in a separate squad. Maybe life support, I'm not sure yet.

My mom's nose was broken amongst some other things, and it turns out the grill of the car came right to her face but it got her good. Today, she looks amazing, in fact she looks my age but she is 67.

So, what about my brother? Today, he is 39, married, and has 3 little girls.

My mom tried to call the Butler County Fire Department and Police to find the man I called "Brad", so that she could thank him, for saving my brother's life. Mind you, this was only one month after the accident.

They had no record of "Brad" ever working there, nor on the police force. I saw the photograph of the station wagon at the junkyard later in life, and it was then I recounted the entire story to my mother who could not believe I recounted  everything as it occurred for the first time in years., I am 36. Wow.

By the way, my mom keeps that picture as a reminder that God is everywhere, and He sends His angels wherever He desires. He loves his children, and at that moment I had no other belief other than that my brother would be alive and well, and my brother was my best friend.

I believe God honors that child like faith.

Don't EVER lose it. 

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