Friday, February 1, 2013


Forgiveness is something I think about every day. How fortunate we are to be called a friend of God, and to be pardoned of all the sin we have committed in our lifetime.

The question is, are you passing it along to others? Or, do you choose to hold grudges on those that have hurt you? Will you forgive those that have wronged you? Will you step up and forgive others as Christ has forgiven you?

Let me share with you the story of ultimate forgiveness, one that I can't just get out of my mind.

The Ultimate Story of Forgiveness

Most of you reading this may know the full story of the crucifixion of Christ, am I right? That story is truly the ultimate in forgiveness in my book, but every now and then, I hear of some others that are truly amazing. 

If you have never read the book, Forgiving the Dead Man Walking by Debbie Morris, then you should. It will take you to a place where all of us should be at some point in our hearts. This is a place where we say, I can forgive because Christ forgave me

While we know that in our mind, do we know that and understand it experientially? Again, most of us don't, but we are called to live better than we are right now in this moment. We choose to only do enough to get by and that has to change. 

Debbie Morris was brutally raped, and chose to forgive the man that was her attacker. That is true grace by faith, and nothing that anyone did of their own accord. She extended forgiveness as Christ did, and showed love to an individual that in our minds didn't deserve it or have the right to it. 

If someone raped your child, would it be hard to forgive them? Of course it would be. There has been a saying floating around for many years that says, "forgive and forget", but no one will ever forget horrific acts like that right? 

As a parent you would be hard pressed, and the child will have that imprinted on their memory forever. However, God commands us to forgive and to love others as He has loved and forgiven us. What say you? 

This blog post may be hard to swallow, but we are in a time of crisis when we are called to hold fast, and be what and who God has called us to be. What will you choose to do? 

Will you say yes to God? Or, will you say, "Forget God!"? 

God has called us to live courageously, and nothing less. It's time folks as we move into 2013 for you to do more and be more. God has not called us to live a mediocre life, but one that is helping others, and one that brings others into their own greatness in time. 

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