Thursday, February 7, 2013

Profiles in Courage Begins....

Paperback edition of Profiles in Courage.

Profiles in Courage is something we are going to be talking about, but you should know it is in fact a book title. The book as you can see was written by Senator John F. Kennedy, and it was written to talk about Americans that had proven to be courageous, and set amazing examples for our country.

So, who is in this book, and why does it matter? The book talks about political courage, those that made a difference in our country, and why they did the things they did. The book was written in 1954, while he was recovering from back surgery, because he had time to reflect.

So, how can the book change your life, and is it worth reading?

The book discusses politicians doing what is right, and it almost these individuals doing what is right. A joke? No, at the time he was completely sincere as he was reflecting on this issue.

Hence, the book Profiles in Courage was born, and it was focused on discussing the courage of eight senators that Kennedy believed were a great example of courage in leadership.

The question we have for you today is this; Do you feel that our country's leaders should read this book? Our country is in complete disarray and we need leaders that have courage to do right, now more than we ever did before.

Should Our Country's Leaders Be Required to Read Profiles in Courage?

I always find it interesting that our youngsters are required to read certain things when in school, yet many of our leaders don't require staff to read certain books as a part of their position. 

There is never a time when we stop learning, and this Pulitzer Prize winning book is just what many of our leaders need to be reading. It wouldn't hurt us to read it as citizens that have no political standing, position, or even much of an opinion, as to be a leader requires change, and it's a bonus when people are teachable. 

Kennedy focuses on eight different Senators in this book, and he also shares his pain and struggle with his back surgery and his recovery period. Kennedy also focuses on his time in World War II while on a boat as a PT commander, and how it affected his life. 

Because Kennedy was so willing to share the three main struggles that senators face, there is no doubt a new found respect for these folks as we often criticize our leaders rather than pray for them. The leaders in our country need direction, and as we pray for them, they just might improve. 

Pray for our country's leaders, and if you can, pick up a copy of this book. I get nothing from it if you buy it, but my desire is that in writing these profiles, that you will know and understand that there are individuals that have been at the headship of our country that can teach us something, and teach you that having courage is all you really need. 

Will you choose to live courageously? Check back soon for more on the profiles in courage, and you can CLICK HERE to learn how you can share your courage with others! 

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