Saturday, February 9, 2013

Courageous Leaders and How They Live

Courageous leaders are worth reading about and studying, so that we may learn more about how to live a better life, don't you think? There are so many great leaders, but some are more well-known for their courage than others.

While we may learn how to be better citizens of our country and how to be better people. For example, how do you feel about apologizing to others when you have wronged them? Or, do you spend your time seething over something they did, so you just had to get them back?

The only way to live is to live a life of higher character and caliber. Living a life of excellence is better than living a life of selfishness. By the way, it's better to give than to receive, which means one thing; you may NEVER get an apology from someone that has wronged you, but you should give one liberally to them.

Do you disagree?

Courageous Leaders Apologize

It has been said that the power of an apology is freeing to the soul. Is that true? It's true that real leaders will always be quick to forgive and apologize. Leaders don't want others to feel as though they have ever been left behind or left in the cold, or wronged for that matter.

What is behind this is even deeper, meaning that the idea really represents the following:

  1. You are capable of admitting you are/were wrong
  2. You are willing to admit that yes, you do make mistakes 
  3. You are willing to let something go because relationships mean more to you than anything else 

This is what makes courageous leaders, leaders! Believe me when I say that being able to apologize without wanting to take it back, or doing so freely requires courage!

Can you think back to a time when you did something and knew that you should apologize like yesterday?

We have all been there, and it's something that as humans we are sure to face again at some point in our lives. The idea is to never stop being courageous, and teaching our children, friends, and other family members how to do the same!

So, now that you know what courageous leaders do, will you make a change?

It's time to decide  how you will live your life, and if you haven't taken a stand for anything else, now is the  time to make a decision. What will you do?

It's time to live courageously!

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