Friday, March 29, 2013

A Mothers Love No Matter What

A mothers love is no doubt just as strong or as sound as a mothers courage. You might be reading this wondering what this is really about. It's about the fact that once a mother gives birth, she never considers that she would have lived life any other way.

Imagine, how strong that love is that she chooses you. She choose to plan for you, have you, and then care for you.

A mother, wants to teach you everything about life, how to love, how to know the difference between right and wrong, how to read, how to paint, how to sing, and everything else a mom loved when she was a child. There isn't a replacement for this joy in life.

Your experience may NOT have been so loving, so special, and one that didn't create memories. Either way, this story of a mother's love will touch you. Keep reading.

How a Mothers Love Works 

It seems that when your child is sick as a parent, that you would do anything for them, right? Could you possibly name one thing you wouldn't do for them? It would be tough to think that you could think of one single thing right? 

This is why one of the most amazing things is how a mother can give birth to a child that is handicapped and NOT think twice about loving them. In a mother's eyes, her children are perfect, no matter what they do, even if they are upset with them. 

I was sitting in the doctor's office, and I was across from an older couple that had a set of adult male twins. I was watching them interact and I saw nothing but happiness, smiling, and conversation that was  unconventional, yet continous. 

One of the boys couldn't talk at all, and was using his sign language, but the other was fully conversational in his own way. Their mother caught me watching them and smiling, and I said to her, you MUST be the happiest mother in the world. She said to me:

"I am, and you are the first woman to ever say that to me, thank you! You see, most people don't get it. They would think that my husband and I are burdened taking care of them all of their life,yet we find it such a joy. The truth is, we have our boys here with us always, whereas most mothers don't. They grow up, go to college, then they get married, and you NEVER see them again. We value and treasure every second with them, and we wouldn't have it any other way." 

As we were talking, the one that had the ability to speak said to me, "You are so pretty. Yep, yep you are. Why don't you think that you are? Yep, pretty just soooooooooooo pretty."

I was smitten. In that very moment, I was captivated in a conversation with a young man that was very capable of expressing what he saw, but yet somehow I didn't see the same thing. I did see that he was loved, and that there are some things in life that are absolutely no accident. 

In fact, it was the joy of her being able to converse with him in this fashion that she said she has learned so much, and that her son taught her so much. It was the same thing I was seeing right then, and it was amazing. A mother hangs on every word, no matter what, just because it's her son. 

A mother's love never ends, and doesn't pick and choose what is lovely. 

I have to say that after this today, there is nothing like a mothers love that transcends all understanding, and that no doubt, it is the most unlikely candidates that teach us more about ourselves than we ever could. 

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