Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Corrie ten Boom a Profile of Courage

Corrie ten Boom may be a name that you are familiar with if you grew up in the church. It's not a name that everyone knows, but it's familiar to those in the Christian church. Why?

Not only was this woman a woman of faith, but she is no doubt a profile of faith. You can find a museum named after her, and if you read about her life, you are sure to learn more about her home in Haarlem, Holland. So, why is this one woman so well known around the world among those that are Christians?

Because not only is Corrie ten Boom a woman of faith and courage, but her families testimony lives long as an example of how their loyalty and love toward the Jewish people have set the standard for obedience to God, and why they were so instrumental in touching the lives of so many.

The Story of Corrie ten Boom 

It's no surprise that this woman is still such a profile of courage and love, as a result of her upbringing in Holland. Her father opened a watch shop in the early 1800's, and the home was above the shop. No surprise eh?

In those early days, this was the standard, and when her father passed away, the home was passed down to his son, Casper. The house was eventually passed down to Corrie as well, as she was next in line. In 1999, this home was purchased by the Corrie ten Boom Foundation, and as a result, this has been known as "The Hiding Place", and for good reason.

This family was completely devoted to God, and as a result they were one of the most giving families to nearly anyone in need. This family was involved in social work, and had a passion for reaching out to anyone they could, no matter what the need was. As a result, this carried over into the Second World War, and this home was used to hide Jewish people and others that were being hunted down by the Nazis.

Risky? You bet it was. I don't know that I could say I would do the same. This world has moved to a state of, "To each his own", state of mind, but what if I had a need? Would I hope that someone would help me? Yes, in tough times, I would hope so. I cannot imagine NOT helping a child or an animal, but what about our fellow man in general?

Are we so far gone in society that we won't lend a hand to someone in need? The best part is that they reached out, housing fugitives in a non-violent manner, trusting God and risking their lives. What a beautiful picture of how God hides us in the palm of His hand and protects us. Amazing wouldn't you say?

Corrie ten Boom a Ringleader? 

If I could come up with a good name for Corrie ten Boom, it would be "ringleader". Needless to say she was just that for these fugitives, and she continued reaching out to others during the mid 1940's as needed to those in the Dutch underground movement as well as those Jewish folks that needed refuge in a time when the landscape was dangerous. 

Just as her father taught her, it's God's will to care for others and show them love, even when it means risking your life. So, the question is, do you follow this way of thinking? Do you believe this to be true? As a woman, Corrie ten Boom could have been easily frowned upon, but she didn't let what was happening in the world stop her. 

In 1944, they were trapped and taken to prison for their efforts in hiding fugitives. The number estimated of Jewish people they saved is 800, and with so many lives touched and saved, to them it was worth it all. Would you take the risk as a woman because God commanded you to do something? To be a Godly woman it could come down to doing what others won't, and serving God relentlessly in a way that makes others NOT be so fond of you or what you are doing. 

Wouldn't you love to be counted as faithful? Why not start today in feeding your faith and starving your doubts? If you believe, and you need a bit of encouragement, check out the story of "Corrie ten Boom", and keep living a courageous life

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