Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Forgiveness is Beautiful

Forgiveness is beautiful, and it's always right. That statement may make you cringe, and it may make you feel angry if you have recently been told that "you ought to forgive".

Is it really true? Should you? "Will you?" is the even bigger question.

At the end of the day what is forgiveness anyhow? Isn't this something that God does because only he alone is really capable of forgiving others? Sad to say that we really aren't capable, unless we have the love of God in our hearts, right?

Unconditional love and forgiveness have been put together in conversation, but do they really work well together? Is it possible to look at the love your life and say, no matter what they do that you will love them still? Forgive them for anything that they have done?

Let me tell you a story.

She Believes that Forgiveness is Beautiful 

Imagine that you are out with your husband, celebrating the life of a loved one passed. You are in your mid 30's, so you reflect on how young you are, and WHY your friend died so young. You simply go out to enjoy a few drinks and dinner in his honor, and then you return home with your children for the night. 

Everything is normal until you get ready for bed, and as you get out of the shower, you walk into your bedroom in your bathrobe, and your husband launches into a bizarre accusation of "Who sent you? Where are you from?" 

You are completely baffled, and after spending time together before marriage, you don't ever recall this happening. Then, in a blink of an eye....his fist pummels your face, and you are at a loss. As you hit the floor, tears fill your eyes because you are stunned and the pain hits you like a ton of bricks. 

He doesn't stop there. He continues speaking to you as if you are a spy, and what you are looking for. Confusion gets deeper, more frightening. Then, something that surprises you even more, he nearly bites your nose off. 


Is it true that forgiveness is beautiful

Forgiveness is Beautiful When the Recipient is Undeserving

It has been said that it's easy to love those that love you, but wouldn't it be easy to curse those that curse you too? Yes, it would be. Often, I find that those I forgive are undeserving in my eyes, but when it comes to full out forgiveness does it matter? 

The whole point of forgiveness isn't really to release someone of what they have done to you, but to make peace with you for your own healing. Those that do wrong should absolutely pay for what they have done. People need to know that for wrong doing they must pay a price, but forgiveness is always right. 

It doesn't mean that you condone or support what they did, and it doesn't mean that you encourage them to do it again, or that you have to talk to them. However, when you take a vow for life, for marriage, what do you do? 

In this case, it is so hard to say without knowing what the complete picture is. I am NOT this woman, nor am I in her shoes. However, I had the pleasure of watching a beautiful image of devoted love unfold between husband and wife, in which she said, this:

"Look, I forgive him. I don't know the WHY, and it's not all that important. I love him, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, sickness and in health, and that is why I am still here. I forgive him. I told him that I forgive him, and that there is an underlying issue here." 

So it is that indeed, there was in this case, in which the husband is a veteran. Can you imagine? Being in a land where violence is so acceptable, and so the norm that it's ingrained into your brain around the clock? What if you had watched countless people beheaded, and people murdered just laying all over the ground? 

The truth is, at the time it occured forgiveness was probably the last thing on her mind, but we often don't know what has happened to other people to encourage such behavior. People are abused, neglected, and hence the reason so many boys and girls grow up needing so much repair. 

Forgiveness is beautiful, and so is love. Would you stick it out? Would you work through the worst to be with your beloved until the day you die? 

It isn't always easy to take the high road, or do what God would have you to do. It takes courage. 

Forgiviness is beautiful, and it's a courageous life

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