Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Courage Has No Color

Courage doesn't care about color right? Just in case you didn't know, this is what cihldren believe,and they are right. If you were to ask children's author Tonya Lee Stone about her new book, Courage Has No Color, then you would understand completely why this book is such a hot item.

Just in case you don't know, the book is about the first black paratroopers. This book for ages 10 and up is a great book for parents to put on the reading list for them and their child as they approach social issues and challenges.

Why not let our history be well-rounded? These paratroopers known as the Triple Nickles, will in the eyes of this author become as well known as the Tuskegee Airmen. Why? No, the author isn't African American, but she does care about people.

Do you think that it takes courage to do something that others won't? Do you believe that it is courageous to go against racism and treat people equally, regardless of their race, creed or color? Ms. Stone had no problem writing a book that some would say, "gee, a white woman wrote this?"

I see this all of the time, and the funny thing is people seem so shocked about it. People are stunned that several African American folks went to see the movie Lincoln. Yet, this only proves that there are tons of Americans that obviously didn't pay attention in history class.

The Author Has Courage All Around 

It's funny when a gal that is Caucasian writes a book about African American paratroopers, and wants to see these folks take their place in history regardless of who they were or where they came from. Isn't this what life is really about? It's about giving credit to where credit is due.

What is most impressive about this author? It took her 10 years to write this book, and that is something not many people would keep up with. That alone takes courage, which means that the author herself has a tremendous story of her own.

I hope that each and everyone of you educate your children properly, and share with them what is meant to be remembered in history. Anything worth writing about is worth remembering, and hopefully, you will have the courage to stand up for those that don't always get the most in recognition.

Live Courageously!

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