Monday, March 18, 2013

Political Courage? Do We Have it?

Do you think that we have political courage? I'm not sure that our country does have it, and if we did, we wouldn't have the issues that we have today.  Generally speaking, if we see some things going wrong for so long, we learn how to do it right rather than repeating bad habits and bad behaviors. The sad part is that so many people are doing whatever they want, when they want, and that includes our President and our government as a whole. 

With that said, will you stand up for your country if you see something that needs to be changed? Do you just say yes when you feel as though you have no choice, or do you take a stand for what is right and make others aware of it? It's time for us to have a righteous anger about what is happening in this country, and take the mistakes we have made as a learning experience and change the game. Do you agree? 

Political Courage Means You Are Not the Norm! 

Chances are that you found this blog while searching online because you are fed up with what you hear and see in the media everyday. I am too, and that is why I am sharing the way that I feel with you specifically about political courage

I feel like everyday when I turn on the news, all I see and hear is the backbiting, lying, and the poor decisions that our government is making. Not to mention the fact that it's all about using whatever means they think is right to get there, no matter who we take from or use in the process. 

We just heard that our military are NOT getting the benefits of a college eduation but yet illegal aliens can? What a mess. It makes no sense. What have we become? We not only tolerate everything because we have to be politically correct or "PC" as some of you call it, but then what are we really doing? In reality, we just invite more problems, and try to make it look like we are such an amazing country to live and work in. So, if we say that we take a stand for something, shouldn't we just take a stand?

I believe the words of Alexander Hamilton were and I quote, "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." So, what are you waiting for? What are we as a country really waiting for? There is no time to wait, but it's time to move forward and stand for what is right in the sight of God, and not abandon ourselves to the wishes of men. Will you take a stand and show your political courage? You can also learn more about wearing your courage HERE. Remember, not everything is at it seems, and if you believe in taking a stand for our country and having political courage. then take a moment to reflect on what it means to live a courageous life

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