Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Extremists are We?

Does this photo share an image of extremists? Maybe, at least in the opinion of most you I'm sure that you believe that.  Because you think they are, does that make them so? 
Are these men extremists?

Do you know these men or their intent? If you don't, then that means that you are simply judging them by the way they look, right? In the United States right now, we have a looming issue and that issue is whether or not it's okay for President Obama to use drones in our own country. 

Do you agree? Disagree? What gives? Simply put, you should know that not only is this an issue, but it's becoming a real problem with our own citizens simply because the rules behind this are nothing short of accusing others of being extremists. 

While we do have them in our own country, is this the answer? If I full out live my faith and share it with others, does that make me one too? 

Defining Extremists 

With our country up in arms about extremists and what it means to be one, the reality is that yes, it's still a sore subject, and it's not going to go away anytime soon. 

The challenge is this; religion is the culture in most other countries and in the United States it is not. While we believe that our country was founded on Christian principles, the truth is that we still view others as extremists if they don't agree with us. 

However, what these folks really are is a group of folks that take it beyond the faith, or vow to follow a faith or group that places no value on human life. Do you agree? 

The problem in America now is that we have become so tolerant of everything, that it's going to spiral out of control, and it actually already has. If our government believes that they don't agree with something we do, we could have a missile launched on us. 

If you were watching the news last week, then you are fully aware that airline pilots spotted a drone in their flight path and they reported to the air control tower, confused and totally taken aback by the fact it was in the air. Do you really believe that this is an accident? 

Not so in our book, especially now that drones on our soil is a hot topic. If anything is diverging from the norm of society we are calling it extreme. So, I guess if our society changes, and we are tolerant of everyone and everything, where does that put us? 

Are We Extremists if We Have Courage? 

I think one of the biggest concerns that Americans have is this; if we show courage and stand up for our beliefs, are we extremists? Is it wrong to stand up for what we believe? What we believe is what was the norm for our country and has been for thousands of years, but am I too foolish to believe that we can stand up for what is right and not get a missile launched on us?

It just seems that we have a disease going around in this country, one that encourages people doing whatever they want however they want. Wouldn't you call that extreme? Is it extreme to keep having children and living on welfare? 

  1. Would you say that the following is extreme?
  2. Killing others just because they don't agree with you 
  3. Killing others because you believe it will give you a special place with God
  4. Forcing citizens of your country to work when they aren't being paid? 

There are so many issues that we face, but we have too many chiefs and NOT enough Indians, don't you think? 

Here is what we know to be true. God is God, and HE always will be. In fact, God Himself says, "I AM THAT I AM", and that is really all we need to know. 

I believe it's time that we stand up and be counted, don't you? It's time for us to live courageously! 

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Courageous Life 

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