Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spiritual Courage-The New Pope's Mission

Spiritual courage is a term you probably don't hear often, but I'm not surprised. In fact, up until yesterday, I had not heard that term used in quite some time. Why? Because we live in a time of tolerance, when too much of everything is being tolerated.

Courage is standing up for what is right no matter what, and I hope that pray that the new Pope stands behind his mission to see a church built on the blood of Jesus Christ. Do you think that is what we will get? How far would you have to go to find spiritual courage in your church? What about in your neighborhood? Before I get too carried away, could  you even find it in your home? That's a great question, right?

I don't know about you, but my thoughts are that we don't have enough guts in the church today in America to share our faith with anyone. What say you? Much like the disciples were fleeing from Jesus when the soldiers came, people are feeling today still. Has the church gone soft? Yes, yes it has.

Defining Spiritual Courage

Oftentimes, when I have discussions about spiritual courage with other church members, it seems to go back to one thing. That one thing is that they don't want to offend anyone. What is so offensive about what I believe? It's a free country right? Or, is this one free country becoming communist? 

You can call it what you want, but we have way too many yes men at our doors, saying that they know Jesus but yet they deny Him with their actions. What kind of faith is that? That isn't much of one, and what is on the inside of you is what comes out of you. have you ever considered that?

There are too many so called spiritual leaders going soft. They take a position of leadership running on a campaign type persona, but once they take over, they start listening to the "voices of reason". What are those exactly? It's time to stand up and be counted, and if you aren't ready, don't proclaim Jesus and then attach everything else to His name. It's quite simple actually. 

So, when the Pope says that he wants to see the church be built on the blood of Jesus, will he stick to it? Will he focus on those less fortunate as he has done in Argentina? Will he continue to take public transportation rather than limousines?

What is true spiritual leadership, and can we learn anything from him? 

Spiritual Courage is Saying God and God Alone

Aside from what the Pope plans to teach and preach, at the end of the day I have one thing to say. It's simply speaking the Word of God back to myself, you, and everyone else that I come into contact with. 

I only bow to the "One True God", "The Son of God"! I only pray to God the Father, and I have his Holy Spirit living withing me, I am changed! I hope that the world understand that worshipping a man is not acceptable in the eyes of Jesus. I am set apart, and we that are saved and washed by the blood of Christ know this or at least we should. 

So, do you have the spiritual courage to let this be your message to others? What will you say when someone asks you what you believe and why? Will you stand behind what you say you believe, or  will you change your message  down the road so as NOT to offend someone? 

I won't back down, and I will worship God and God alone, you better believe it! To learn more about spiritual courage, and how you can wear and share your courage with others, you can go to, for more information! 

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