Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fathers and Daughters-Where is Mom?

If you are a dad that has daughters, then you know that fathers and daughters have something special they share. It seems that oftentimes, moms and daughters clash; not always but most of the time it seems that way, right? If you have ever had a rift with your daughter, it probably tore you in half, and if she is now a teenager, you are finding out how protective you can really be. 

The truth is, our young women are suffering, and the pressures they feel even if for a moment are more than we could bear for them to feel. If we could just see what they often feel in the course of a day, we would do anything to make it go away. Unless you just aren't around. Are you developing a strong bond with your daughter, or are you absent in her life? 

Where is mom? Is she around, or is she absent to? It is one thing to be physically present, but it's another to be spiritually present, and experientially present. Make sense? You could be in the same room with your daugther, and still NOT be there. Have you ever done this? Listen up fathers, your daughters need you. Let me tell you a story about why fathers and daughters need to have a stronger bond than ever before. 

Fathers and Daughters Need a STRONG Bond for Her Own Good 

I can remember the day the call came, and then a post on Facebook of what I thought was the end of my friend's daugthers life forever. When a young woman her age, at 16 comes up missing, you can't be too sure that they will ever be found or ever return. Additonally, I had just been watching a broadcast about human trafficking and how big it was becoming as the result of our struggling economy. 

Could it be that we have missed something? How could this go so wrong? How could it be that even children from good homes where their parents loved them were being taken? Specifically, and furthermore, my friend is the single father of 3 little girls, and all because the mothers are deadbeats, completely absent from their daughters lives. The mothers? Yes, the mothers, can you imagine?

The story was, that she had left for school, and had never returned. The classic story of how young women are being taken all of the time. Within the next 15 minutes, the Amber Alert is out, and within an hour, she is spotted with a man aged 45, and he is on his way to California with her. What is the plan? He can easily trade her into the underground porn arena, or he can sell her as a sex slave. Human trafficking at it's best just like in a movie that you may have seen. 

Fathers and Daughters Issues in the Movie, Taken

The movie, TAKEN, did you see it? The father in the movie played by Liam Neeson fears that if he doesn't give in and let his daugther take the trip to Paris, that he will be regarded as the evil dad, and never see her again. 

In the movie, the mother nearly tries to pin this idea on the father, making him look that way so that she becomes the good parent. Is that what this is about? Whether divorced or not, are we really to a place where we as adults cannot put our differences aside for our own children? This issue is just one of many, and not to mention that when a father splits when his daughter is young, she has been abandoned by the number one man in her life, or at least who should have been the number one man in her life

So, what can you do to ensure that she knows she is your one and only princess? What can you do to make sure that she is prepared for marriage later in life, and to stand her ground?

  1. Give her your undivided attention
  2. If you do father-son things together, why not daddy-daughter dates too?
  3. Make special dates with your daughter, so that she knows she is loved and treasured 
  4. Teach her what it means to be respected and cherished above all others 
  5. Reflect upon how you treat your wife, because she will get the same picture from you in what she should expect later in life 

Do NOT neglect this! It's an honor to be a father. It takes courage to sacrifice and make time for her, but the time you spend with her and help her grow as a woman is priceless. It has been said that:
"It is better to build boys and girls than to repair men and women".

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