Monday, March 25, 2013

Planned Parenthood-Where is the Courage?

Meet Abby Johnson, former employee of Planned Parenthood. What you are about to hear about this may sicken you, and that is the goal.

For one, I am surprised that more people don't know about what has been happening, and not to mention, I am thrilled that this young woman is taking a stand for what she believes is right.

Abby Johnson is now considered an icon for the pro-life movement, and the message she has to offer is one of strength, courage, and bravery.

However, if you were to read more about her, this isn't about getting accolades, she simply just wants to do what she believes is what God would want for His children. If you are NOT familiar with the story of Abby Johnson, then KEEP READING. You are about to discover what is happening, and how Abby is making a real difference in the lives of others.

Planned Parenthood Losing Abortion Clinic Workers is Making Headlines 

If you are NOT familiar with Planned Parenthood, be aware that what they are doing is beyond sneaky. It borders on sickening, hellatious, and it's frightening to think that young women are going there to get help, but it's all happening without parental consent, solid guidance and putting young women at risk for believing that abuse is okay.

When Abby Johnson first joined this organization, she was in college, and she wasn't familiar with the inner workings and what was really happening on the inside. Needless to say she was pro-choice when she first arrived on the scene, and she was forever changed when she was forced to observe an abortion that happened at 13 weeks.

What would you say, how would you react, knowing that at 13 weeks you could hear a baby's heartbeat, be closer to learning the sex of the child, and knowing that you could easily view that baby on ultrasound and see that they are developing visible features?

Putting Planned Parenthood Into Perspective 

Today, we are here to share with you the courageous move and story of Abby Johnson, and why she is helping these workers from Planned Parenthood get free of their jobs. This is NOT intended to debate the issue on pro-life or pro-choice.

Watching a baby fight for their life during the abortion is what caused Abby to change her beliefs on this issue, and for man women that get hired, they struggle through the process. As a result, she is helping these women get free of their jobs, and help them get emotional support as a result of what they are witnessing.

It takes courage to go against the grain and do it in the face of an organization that has been around for years and has government support and funding. She is simply doing what she believes in and what she feels is right. What would you do?

We are not asking you to change your beliefs, but you have to admit this story is quite powerful, and it's sharing the courage of one young woman that is facing lawsuits and ridicule from others. Will you stand up for what you believe is right? Where is the courage?

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