Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Political Courage on Immigration Reform?

Political courage like anything else is truly much needed when it comes to changing the way our country views things. Whether it's laws  or not, it doesn't matter! Our country was called to have spiritual courage folks. Think about it.

Our President wants more Americans to stand up and have what he calls political courage for immigration reform. Why?

He wants anyone and everyone to be able to come into our country.

While I don't believe that people from other countries shouldn't be allowed to come here, I also don't believe that we should allow our borders to be out of control, enabling folks to inhabit this country unless they have gone through the proper immigration process.

Does God have the whole world in His hands? Yes, He does, and He always will. However, that doesn't mean that we are NOT to focus on protecting our citizens and the freedoms that we have enjoyed here. God has blessed us, and we should share that blessing, but that doesn't mean that we should take our borders lightly.

Political Courage from Lawmakers? 

When the President calls for political courage from our lawmakers, what is he really asking for? He is asking for comprehensive immigration reform, and he is making it urgent, because he wants to be able to pass this law as soon as possible.

Obama made this statement while he was at a naturalization ceremony, and the it was sone in front of these 28 new Americans at the White House. The White House no doubt has given support for bipartisan efforts, and while it sounds great in theory about this bipartisan gathering, is it really good for our country?

Bipartisan efforts are great, but what I am talking about is immigration reform. In my mind, it seems that the President is the one that evades political courage, because he leaves nothing up for discussion. Instead, he just tells people that the time to study this issue is over. That's it. What is left?

The fact remains that instead of standing up for what is right and protecting our country, our President and his cronies are so overly concerned with making everyone so happy that they can't and won't take a stand for anything. It's that tolerance bug again folks. What's up?

The more we become tolerant, the less we stand for. There is so much leniency I find it frightening. In fact, I believe that we are so lenient that our country will just accept everything.

Before you know it, we tolerate:

  1. Sex acts in the street 
  2. Drunkeness from our teens 
  3. Teen pregnancy or even worse when these girls are younger 

There aren't enough people taking a stand, but instead we tolerate everything. We cannot continue to live this life! Our children trust in us to show them the way, and if we are teaching this, how can we possibly expect them to grow up and be strong men and women?

Are you ready to take a stand for what is right and NOT what everyone else thinks you should do or believe? Are you ready to take a stand for your God and STOP agreeing with other people that everything is okay?

It's NOT okay, and it's time to get angry about the sin and turn political courage into an intolerance for just anything and everything.

Live courageously!

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