Friday, March 1, 2013

You ARE Enough

It has been said that courage doesn't mean you ever get afraid. You are only human, and so it is that you will experience thoughts and feelings that are human. You just have to know that fear cannot stop you,.

If you look at this photo, you are going to see two amazing individuals that look as though they might be missing something.

Are they actually missing something? Not really,. They have their minds, their hearts, their faith in God, and they still have bodies despite the missing limbs.

Courage is something that Nick Vujicic and Bethany Hamilton know all about.

You Are Enough, Always 

Did you know that most folks in life experience the thought that they are NOT enough? Men, women, and children have all had this thought, and sadly, it repeats in their mind like a broken record.

This is half of what is wrong with people in general, and is linked to their depression and self esteem issues in most cases. It has been said that when others find something wrong with you, it is because they have a problem, or they need to feel better about themselves.

What say you?

The reality is that there is NOT one thing wrong with you, and you are enough no matter what. That only disability anyone has is when they don't try or just flat out refuse to. God is our maker and the reality is that it all comes down to living for an audience of one.

If we are really living for an audience of one, why is it we struggle so much? Let me share a story.

You Are Enough Even When Your Mother Says You Are Not 

At the end of the day, we all think and feel based on what we grow up with. There is no doubt about this, right?  When you are a young woman, what your father has to say about you is critical, and your mother can make or break your feelings too.

A young woman grew up hearing her father call her, "princess", while her mother was constantly obsessed with her makeup, and any imperfections on her face. "Why do you have acne?" "Why do you look puffy?" "Why are you overweight?"

The barrage of comments never seemed to end. It was always appearance based which didn't help. Women try to cling to the fact that they are princess, but this young woman hit rock bottom when her parents split. Her father had an affair, and then he moved. No phone number, address, or any clue to his whereabouts.

She wasn't enough. In her mind, he didn't want her either, or he would have made it easy for her to contact him, find him, see him. For seven years she chased her dad, and she finally found out one day that he left the state in which they lived. She begged his previous employer to tell her, and because the gentleman knew her and how sad she must have been, he gave her the information.

She called, and when she said, "Dad!", there was silence.

"What do you need?" Was the only question he had for her. Pointed, stern, as if she was asking for something. All she wanted was his love, to be his little girl. She wasn't enough in her mind, he sounded bothered by her call.

Princess, if you are reading this, here is the good news; you are enough. In fact, you are MORE THAN ENOUGH! The little girl is still inside you, and that will NEVER go away. However, the thing is, you have a Heavenly Father, and HE will always be there.

Not asking you for anything. He doesn't need any good will from you, no makeup, no sex acts, nothing from you as a person but your love. That is all God has ever wanted from you-PERIOD. You can guarantee that its courageous to reach out to God in a time of need instead of the human help.

  • If you have a physical disability, you are still enough.
  • If you have been told you aren't smart, you are enough.
  • Adopted? Yes, you are still more than enough!

Just be sure that you pass on the love that God has for you. All you ever need to be is, "JUST BE LOVE!" Period. That's it. Love God, love others, and serve.

Live Courageously!

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