Monday, March 4, 2013

Reflections of a Mother Gone

Over the weekend, I was having what I call reflections of a mother not present in her child's life, or for their next birthday, or even for their marriage. That is something that no child should ever experience. I never had to go through something like that, so I couldn't tell you how it feels, nor would I want to even at the age of 36. 
What I do know is that life is short, and with a friend my age gone, I am reflecting on life, how we handle it, what matters most, and why we do what we do daily. Why do we choose to put certain things first before others? Why do we not tell people we love them as we should? Why do we wait to get together? 

If you were to think about what you were doing yesterday, would you say that you are happy with it? Or, could you stand to live full-out, doing everything possible to live a better more inspiring life? Let me share a story with you. 

Reflections of a Mother and Her Love 

What if I told you that reflections of a mother were not always sweet, but often magical? While attending college and taking a statistics class, there was a young man in my class that was in school to become Mathematician. 

Because Math has been one of those subjects that not everyone is so keen on, one day the professor asked us if we each could tell an inspirational story about how Math had helped us in some way. I thought it was an odd topic, but nontheless interesting. 

This young man spoke up after 3 or 4 other students shared their story, and what he told was truly the most inspirational story about  Math I had ever heard. Here is my own personal translation of it:

"We were in final exams in advanced Algebra, when I was completely stumped on a question. My mom always told me before she died, that if I was ever stumped on a Math question, to reflect on what Math she had taught me and I would be able to roll right through. So, I closed my eyes, and said to myself ,  'Mom, I know you said you would always be with me, and that if I ever needed help, you would be here for me. ' You see, my mom was a Mathematician, and I was following in her footsteps. So, I closed my eyes and focused on the many teaching sessions she had with me, and was able to come up with the answer. As soon as I opened my eyes, I looked down, and I saw a smiley face  on my calculator." 
I wasn't  there, so I can't verify whether or not this story is true or false, but we had no reason to doubt it.  All in all, while so many have their own stories of love, some are simply reflecting on the teachings, faith, and much more passed onto them from their mother. 

What about your mother. Do you have special reflections of her too? 

Reflections of a Mother and Her Love Are Truly a Gift 

If you have a mother, and you have a strong relationship with her, be grateful. Not everyone does. I don't. I wish I did, and I long for it, but it eludes me. 

From the time I was little, I always watched my friends go shopping with their mothers, have special lunches with their mom's, bake together, and more, and so I thought it was weird that my mom never did those things with me. 

Reflections of a mother and her love are so special if you have them, never let them go. Although we weren't close then and we aren't now, I am more aware of what I don't have. It makes me still long for her love, and there is something about it that makes me want to make amends with her even if I don't see how. 

Have you been in this place? Do you have a parent that you would like to have a better relationship with? Don't wait until it's too late so that what you reflect on is NOT trying. Mothers won't be around forever, and it's best to forgive quickly, and love always. 

It takes courage to love those that are not easy to love, and it takes courage to forgive even when you hurt. 

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