Monday, April 1, 2013

What is a Free Spirit?

What is a free spirit? You have probably heard this phrase many times before right? The challenge is
that you hear it, but you think it only means those that are okay with who they are, those that are free to express themselves any way they choose, or better yet, those that have just gotten out of jail. 

All of those may apply, BUT, what if we could all be a free spirit? What if all could see that to be free is the American Dream? 

While you may think that doesn't exist, or that it's only a thing of the past, it's time for you to consider that not only is this a spirit, but it's a matter of belief. 

Do you believe that you can be free? Do you believe that you live in a country that is free? Do you believe that you are on your way to freedom in life in general? If you don't, then it's time for you to think about what it would take for you to get free. 

What would it be? 

What is a Free Spirit? Someone that Isn't Bound to Anyone or Anything! 

If you take a good look at that photo above, you'll notice it's a slave bracelet. It's probably unlike anything you have ever seen, right? The idea behind this bracelet is that it attached the individual wearing it, a woman or a man to signify ownership in the slave trade. 

These were quite common during the West African slave trade, however, they are also common in many cultures. They were traditionally Indian, in terms of style, but they are mostly copper or some other material. 

With what this bracelet signifies, do you think it's possible that people associate these bracelets with slavery today? It is so rare, but may still exist in some third world countries, but we don't hear a lot about them. However, Americans feel as though they should be wearing one. 

The truth is, our country is changing. What is a free spirit? It's no longer an American, but perhaps the one that is trying to control all Americans Right? 

What is a Free Spirit? Someone that Can Live How They Desire

Many times, I've asked myself just how free we really are in America today. Freedom is not what it used to be, and things are changing rapidly. If someone were to ask what is a free spirit, I would say to them, someone that can live elsewhere in a time like this. 

With the changes happening so fast, it can make you wonder, if we are becoming a communist country. What are the factors that determine this?

  • Nevada working on a law that requires gas station to put air in their customers tires because individuals cannot be trusted to do this
  • Wage control 
  • Healthcare changes that don't really work for all involved 
  • Central banks taking control of money and gold 
  • Police with guns surrounding two Christians in Michigan (of all places), just for passing out the Gospel of John (really are they that dangerous? )
  • Students at a California school were forced to take off their t-shirts because it bore the American flag
Even if you aren't a Christian, does the presentation of the Gospel of John really require bearing of arms? I mean, how hard is it for you to put air in your tires? Folks, it's time to wake up! 

Does any of this seeem odd to you? These things cannot continue as we continue to say our country is free! It isn't free at all! Take a look around you! 

"What is a free spirit"? It's no longer an American. It's no longer someone that believes in our Constitution, and it's someone that no longer believes in our rights that we have enjoyed and celebrated for so many years. 

There is a call for us to stand up for what is right, and to abolish what is wrong. Correction for wrongdoing is no doubt right, but those of us that are trying to raise productive and patriotic children, those of us that are working hard to provide for our families, shouldn't have to tolerate this. 

It's time to live courageously folks! 

To to consider, what is a free spirit?

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