Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Courage-What Defines This for You?

Courage is a great thing, yet it seems these days that so few people have it. With so much negativity in the media and in the world in general, it seems that we have more to worry about but less men and women coming forward to share their thoughts on what is happening and why.

Do you realize that if you don't like something, you simply need to be the change you want to see? Although we often look at change as way too hard for us, and we may think that getting others to change is too hard, we have to keep looking.

What if those before us just gave us and did nothing? What if those we call leaders didn't exist? What if those we call leaders didn't teach us what we have learned? What would we be like? Would we have acquired that knowledge elsewhere.

To do those things, it took courage. What will you do?

Do You Have Courage? 

Has anyone ever asked you if you have courage? If so, there was probably a reason that they asked you. It doesn't mean that you are weak, and it doesn't mean that you are someone that they won't follow, but it does mean that you need to look within yourself for something deeper.

Can you recall a time when you saw something taking place that you didn't agree with, and you did nothing? That was a lack of courage, and on a deeper level it may be a lack of conviction as well. The question isn't whether or not you are capable of being courageous, but it's a matter of whether or not you know what you believe and why.

If you do, it's easier to stand up for it right? There are tons of quotes about courage, and if you have any doubt as to what it means to exhibit courage, read those quotes and you'll better understand it. Read biographies about leaders and what they do, and by all means be sure that you check our our website so that you can read more about the leaders we are meeting, and what they are doing every day to make a difference.

You won't hear about them in the news, or the newspaper, or even the radio. You won't find them on Entertaintment Tonight, American Idol, or even Bill O'Reilly's show. These people just go and do, and they do for God. There is a big difference.

How will you show your courage today? 

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  1. We must avoid acting like cowards and be open to change. If we are closed minded to it then we get nowhere fast!

    Lawrence Bergfeld