Monday, May 6, 2013

Marge Simpson and the Inspiration Behind Her Character

Marge Simpson is a name that many of you know, and while you may believe that her character has nothing to do with what we write about, just hear me out. The creator behind her character, Matt Groening, used everything he knew to create what many consider an entertaining show, and in this case it was Groening's mother.

Margaret Groening passed away on April 22, 2013, while sleeping,leaving an entire cast of characters in her wake. Perhaps her purpose in life was two-fold. She was the mother of a creative man that has brought joy to millions, and she inspired one of the main characters in the show, The Simpsons.

This brings me to ask you two questions:

  1. Do you fully understand your purpose in life?
  2. Each day, do you ask, "How can I inspire someone today?"
Little did Margaret know that she would inspire her very own son to create something so powerful like this, and at the time she probably had no idea what her purpose would be other than to raise her son. Let's take a look at the character of Marge Simpson, to get a better idea of who she was and still is today. 

The Character of Marge Simpson

Go ahead and laugh. Yep, we are talking about Marge Simpson. In fact, it's not so much about her, but remember, it's the woman that inspired her character. It causes you to wonder whether or not every detail was just like Groening's mother, or if it was just a few trade offs here and there. 

If you read the story about Margaret, you will find out right away that yes, she did in fact marry Homer! Why? Ah, he was the one that made her laugh. While her hair wasn't blue, the laughter factor alone spells The Simpsons, simply because laughter is WHY Groening created it in the first place. 

In his mind, it was about writing what you know, and creating something that you are familiar with. In fact, Margaret's maiden name was Wiggum, just in case you didn't catch the character Chief Wiggum. Ah, how Groening was able to weave so much family into the story is amazing, and it's what makes this story so special. 

I am sure that Groening will need some time to grieve the loss of his mother, but it was her that inspired him to write these stories, and she breathed life into his characters for millions around the world to enjoy and identify with. The characters went far beyond just the mother figure of Marge, but they encompassed the family as a whole. 
Do you wake up with the desire to inspire? If you believed for a moment that you could breathe life into the characters of a story, or someone's life for that matter, wouldn't you do it? In some ways, we can learn from Marge Simpson, don't you think?

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