Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anti-Bullying Campaign Encouraged by Teen with Tourette's

It isn't all that unusual now that anti-bullying efforts are made, however, oftentimes they are still unsuccessful. Recently, an article was published by CNN, in their Human Factor.

A young boy named Jaylen Arnold was the youngest to be diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, but being bullied didn't injur his spirit. Instead, he decided to turn his experience into something inspiring for other teens like himself. He says, "Bullying, no way."

At the age of 13, Jaylen is leading a national foundation to put to an end to bullying. We wanted to share his story with you, so that you can be inspired to action, and maybe consider leading an anti-bullying campaign of your own. Check this out!

How the Vision for the Anti-Bullying Campaign Began 

Imagine that you have a physical condition that is beyond your control. How would you feel if you were being ridiculed by everyone around you, and it never stopped. That is what Jaylen Arnold has experienced, and he rose to the occasion to use this an experience to help those that befriended him to overcome their teasing too.

His condition was diagnosed when he was in second grade, and the bullying began. Not only that but those he was friends with were also being ridiculed. His mother wanted to pull him out of the school, but as a child, you can imagine the thought of leaving his friends behind. His main concern was not being there if they were being bullied by others.

Jaylen's big heart also created a large worldview, in that he considered that this must be happening all around the world. WOW. A young boy could have so much insight at such a young age, and that is amazing. CNN asked him how he encourages others to stop bullying, and his answers are so simple.

  • Tell a parent! 
  • Surround yourself with good friends! 
  • Understand that what makes you different is okay and it's not bad! 

Can we ever come to appreciate those that aren't just like us? Jaylen's Challenge Foundation aims to not only educate others about what brings bullies out into the open, but how they treat other kids, and how to address it. However, the mission is so much more, and since that time, Jaylen has been on TV with Katie Couric, and with the help of others has launched a massive anti-bullying campaign.

You can learn more about you can contribute and how you can be a part of Jaylen's efforts when you go to We encourage you to join our community here at Courageous Life, and learn more about how you can work with us to promote "anti-bullying" too!

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