Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your Courageous Life-Are You Really Living it?

What if there were a movie made called Your Courageous Life? Would it show that you were in fact courageous? Would it show that you loved and helped others?

Did you stand up for others? All that would be evident if your life were put up onto a screen for all to see.

I think most of us would find that our life hasn't been all that courageous over the past few years, or at least as how much we would like for it to be.

I am sure that you have had some times in your life when you didn't want to help someone, or perhaps you didn't want to love them either. I know I have, we all have. We are called to be a beacon of light to others, and courage could also be known as expressing your faith.

What would you do if you had a second chance to film Your Courageous Life?

A Re-Take on Your Courageous Life

Every day is a new day to make a change and take a chance. It's also another day that we could be helping someone. The only time I've found any peace in my life was when I put others first. That meant really looking at what I believe and why, and sharing with others how I intended to exercise that. 

It's one thing to say you have "love", or that you are putting "love" into action. It means nothing until you actually do. Right? I mean, otherwise it's just a lot of talk and a lot of things that don't mean much to others around you. 

There is a ton of suffering in this world, we don't need anymore. The more we can do to reach out  to others and encourage each other, the better off we will be as a country and as a world united! What would you vow to do if you could get a retake on Your Courageous Life

Would you vow to:
  1. Live out each day to the fullest? 
  2. Perform one random act of kindness per day?
  3. Help someone else even if you are experiencing a trial of your own?
  4. Give back no matter what you feel you lack?

These are all a good place to start, and having courage is always right. You can do it. You can be more, and you can be a bigger influence in this world then you think. 

If you would like to join a community of like-minded people that can encourage you to live "your courageous life", go HERE now to check us out on Facebook! 

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