Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do Friends Become Bullies?

Is it possible that friends can be become a bully? Recently an article was published on CNN about Ally del Monte and her thyroid disease.

As a result of medication she was taking, she gained 60 pounds, and the jokes started to roll in.

Can you imagine such a dramatic change? I know a young woman that had her thyroid removed in 2008, and after that, the weight just piled on pound after pound. It was horrifying, and she gained more than 100 pounds in 45 days.

Kids can be cruel though, and they don't have that understanding that we do as adults that these types of jokes can have long lasting effects on an individual's life. The boys banned Ally from the jungle gym, stating that they feared she would break it. How awful.

Ally took it as normal, because she was getting used to the poor choice of jokes. Sad, wouldn't you say? Would you call these friends? I wouldn't.

Just because you are different or you don't look like others or dress like others, does that make you alien in some way? Does it make you uncool? Friends can often change with the wind and be cruel to you no matter what the cost of your current friendship.

Kids often don't see that what they are doing is mean or even wrong. Is that because your example as a parent is poor? It could be, and if you aren't guarded enough about it, you could be leading your children to believe this type of behavior is okay. Am I right?

It takes you being a committed parent, and in some cases it also takes you being a committed friend. Whether or not you are a teen, middle-age, or you are the parent, you have to stand up and teach your children what is acceptable behavior and what isn't.

Who do your children consider friends? Can you remember ever having "friends" like this? If so, it's time for you to reconsider who you are spending most of your time with, and take a look at who your children are spending time with.

Sometimes it's not that easy, but if you stay in tune with their lives and stay involved, everything will turn out alright. Be courageous, and share with your children and friends how to show more courage and love in this world!

PS-Did you relate to this blog post? Are your children struggling with being bullied at school? Why not give them something positive to wear in front of their friends, that will hopefully get them to stop and think? You can go HERE to show your courage!

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