Thursday, October 31, 2013

Courageous Battle with Pneumonia Leaves Mum Inspired to Help Fellow Amputees

Moms are generally courageous in all aspects of life because everything they do they do for their children. There is a "mum" today in Lochwinnoch that is a true picture of courage as she strives to help others just like her.

Corinne Hutton won her battle with pneumonia, but it didn't come without losing her hands and feet. As a young mother of a little boy, can you imagine what this must have been like for her?

You might have fear in reading a story like this, a fear that you couldn't make it.

However, Corinne chose to take this difficult time in life and turn it into a "second chance at life" by committing to help fellow amputees.

How did this happen all from pneumonia? We wanted to share with you a bit of Corinne's courageous story today, so that you can be inspired to take the bad and turn it into something good.

Courageous Corinne 

Corinne never imagined that with a bad cough, she would end up with no hands and no feet. The infection turned into something much worse, causing surgeons to do the amputation.

Her organs shut down as septicaemia went tearing through her body, and her family was called in to be by her side to say a final goodbye. The family was prepared for this to be the last words ever spoken, never to see her physical body again.

Even with a new treatment that was successful in healing the problem, doctors new that they would have to amputate her hands and feet to keep her alive. Her husband was begging them to figure something else out, but in her courageous heart, Corinne opted to go through with it, thankful for the chance just to live. WOW.

No complaining. No arguing. Corinne was just grateful for the chance to be here to raise her son and be with her husband. Her husband Russell stood by her side and helped start a fund to raise the money for the bionic hands she would need.

This experience prompted Corinne to start a fund to help fellow amputees in a time of need so that they could also be able to afford bionic hands and other prosthetics as insurances have cut what they pay out on them in most countries.

This act was not only courageous but inspirational. We are floored by her story, and we know that there are others each day that go through this process. We just don't know who they are, or their stories aren't published.

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Courageous Life!

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