Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Motivational TShirts Are Getting Attention

Have you heard that motivational tshirts are getting criticism in the Wall Street Journal. This isn't being taken lightly, in fact the writer of the article, Chad Stafko takes a harsh standpoint about these tshirts being worn by runners. 

The idea? That runners boast about what they do, and if wearing tshirts that boast they are runners isn't enough, they also have bumper stickers devoted to sharing how far they have run. Hmmm. What about those that wear stickers on the day they gave blood? 

Does that make them overzealous about it? Not necessarily. In fact, it can help to encourage others to give blood as well. Even if the decals state the number of miles they run per day, perhaps someone will see it and get motivated to take better care of themselves. Right?

The writer didn't see it that way, but at Courageous Life we look at things a bit differently. We believe that what you wear says a lot about you and what you stand for. In fact, the message on your shirt can cause someone to smile, or even change their outlook on the day completely. Would you agree? 

We aren't saying that tshirts are life changing, meaning completely, but consider the impact they could have even for a moment. Think about how great it is that someone could recall what your tshirt, hat, or even your decal said. They could even share that with someone later on in another conversation. 

Motivational tshirts aren't something that people wear to brag, but in my opinion they often encourage others to do an activity. Inspiring others to take action is what leadership is all about. The writer even states that a study shows that there were 15.5 million people participating in marathons in 2012 versus the 13 million in 2010.

So, the idea that wearing these tshirts doesn't work is simply not true. As runners wear their marathon shirts in races and as they are out and about in public, they clearly just want to share a message. We want to share ours too. 

Our message is one that states positive thoughts and at least gets others thinking about how they can inspire others too. If you want to check out the article just out of curiosity sake, you can go here: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304448204579186401818882202

If you would like to check out our motivational tshirts and see what we have to encourage you as well as those around you, go HERE to learn more! 

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