Friday, November 22, 2013

Will You Live Your Courageous Life in 2014?

As times get tough, will you still continue to live your courageous life as we head into a new year? Closing out this year may feel a little premature, but it's right around the corner. 

In fact, it's time that the Christian community come together and make some heartfelt decisions about how the church can do better by being more, doing more, and reaching out to those that have been ignored for far too long. 

I hear a lot of Christians stating that they are being persecuted for their faith, but that is something God already told us would happen. 

There was no secrecy in His Word to us. It's up to us to decide whether or not we'll believe what He says and stand up for it. If we do, then we do so without merit, complaining, or even regretting it. 

Will You Live Your Courageous Life Now?

God never called us to a life of poverty, discontent, anger, sadness, and hate. If we have those things, they are merely a result of our own doing. This isn't to say persecution doesn't come because again, God said it would. 

If you truly are living your courageous life, isn't it an honor to come against that when it does happen? If we really are living for God, then anything we suffer for Him should be a privilege. 

We should also share the thought that persecution is coming against religions as a whole in our universe, not just the "Christian faith". Furthermore, we as Christians often like to tear down those that don't believe as we do, namely:
  1. The LGBT community 
  2. Other religions
  3. Those from foreign countries 

This isn't the life God called us to live; He called us to live a better one. God has called us to live in freedom in Him, and to share that message with others. He never asked us to be His minions running around judging others, nor did He ask us to NOT speak to others because they are different from us. 

As God's children we should be simply taking Christian to mean, "Christ like", and follow what God teaches us in His word. Could it be any clearer that we have completely failed at this? 

As we go into a new year, we need to bring awareness that the only way to live is to live courageously. It's time to stand up for what God's Word actually teaches and not what denominations have broken it down to believe. 

It's time that we come together, focus on loving others and give our brothers and sisters a real chance to receive our message. Love is powerful, and as the world around us seems to get angrier, let it be a time for us to be different. We are in the world, but we don't have to be "of the world."

Will you join us today and vow to live your courageous as we head into 2014? 

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