Thursday, November 21, 2013

Motivational TShirts and the Fortune Cookie Message that Inspires!

Have you checked out our motivational tshirts HERE? We have still been on the search for more stories about what motivational apparel is doing for people as we continue to expand our apparel line all for you! 

We came across an interesting story today about Kristen Golden out of Massachusettes and her mission to encourage others by putting fortune cookie messages on tshirts. 

As an avid collector of fortune messages from her fortune cookies, Golden decided that it would be a good idea to share those messages on tshirts where more people could see them and enjoy them. 

Her motivation for doing this was her realization that even a message tucked into a fortune cookie could motivate her to make better choices because it made her stop and think about it for a second. 

In her mind, if only a moment was more than enough to inspire her to get to work on these shirts. 

As most folks do, she looks at the messages she gets as if it is truly speaking to her. Have you ever had that moment when you cracked open a fortune cookie and the message inside just seemed to fit? Golden has had the same experience. 

Not only did Golden take her idea to market, but back in July of this year she inspired several women at a business pitch event that she won. The contest is known as "Count Me In for Women's Economic Dependence". 

Golden is taking her motivational tshirts to a whole new level, and she is part of a business accelerator program that aims to help women get their businesses to $250,000 in sales yearly. Not bad eh? 

Golden's story is more than just motivational tshirts though. Her story is one of years of working as a Director of Safe Passage with women coming out of violent circumstances, poor family influences, and more. What she learned from these women has motivated her to do more and be more for herself and for others. 

This is her true passion behind everything she is doing,but her desire to build a business was there along with a good idea that has turned into a great idea! She knew that if these women could be resilient, so could she. Her inspiration to all those women around her is amazing, and we would like to do the same here for you at Courageous Life! 

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