Friday, November 1, 2013

Would a Superman T Shirt Help you Fly?

When you were a kid, did you wear a Superman t shirt? Did you ever grab your cape and pretend to be flying off of the couch just like Superman or Superwoman?

I can remember those days as a kid, and yes it was fun for both boys and girls!

It's funny to look back into the past and think how a t-shirt or a costume could make you feel so empowered in that moment.

Did you really believe yourself to be different? Did you really feel as though you had super powers?

I know I did. I had that cape on and believed that I could do anything at any time, no matter who said what. Somehow, that changed as I got older.

What a shame, right? We begin to lose our imagination and we start letting life get in the way and we begin to think negatively rather than believe we really are great.

How do we ever lose that? Is this why we have such a call to buy clothing that is inspirational and motivational in nature?

We may not sell you a Superman t shirt, but we do offer great motivational and inspirational apparel. We offer hats, decals, and yes, tons of t-shirts for children, men and women.

Would you be willing to wear something that you knew would make people smile? What about just having something in front of you to keep you smiling and encouraged? It's a wonderful thing, isn't it?

We have our own version of a Superman t shirt, and it's our full line of Courageous Life apparel that you can find HERE!

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