Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do Motivational T-Shirts Mean We Can Perform Better?

Believe it or not, we found yet another article today about the effects of motivational t-shirts. The biggest surprise is The Simpsons, a well beloved animated prime time TV show is what sparked the conversation for the two individuals that wrote about it.

Can we perform better as a result of what we are wearing? Do certain types of clothes make us feel better or do they make us look better and therefore we feel better?

Two researchers from Northwestern were curious when they saw an episode of The Simpsons that got them thinking about how Homer was perceived differently by the students at the school where he was a janitor.

What was the big deal? It was a drab gray uniform that was given to Homer to wear for work. Upon the event of a rainstorm, the dye was washed off revealing tye-dye which really got the students attention! They were a bit freaked out. So, I guess the students thought he was in a Hazmat suit or maybe a zombie?

Whatever the case may be, how we dress sends a message. Many people perceive how you dress differently dependent upon the style they like too. Those that dress with a Goth style appreciate others dressed in a Goth style. There are many who freak out when they see individuals dressed in Goth type clothing.

Motivational t-shirts are their own story, and you'll see tons of folks wearing them in the gym. In fact, the two researchers on this project coined the term "enclothed cognition", and talk about how it relates to how people feel better able to work out because of what they wear.

While in a lab, some students were given lab coats while others just wore what they showed up in. Surprisingly, those students wearing lab coats did much better than those without. Why? Lab coats trigger the thought that "Hey these people are smart." Some might say, "Wow, they look smart.."

The same applies to motivational t-shirts. Some people feel better about themselves just by wearing them. Naturally, if something is written or printed on a t-shirt, people will look at it. We are creatures of habit. We have to look, otherwise we wouldn't be human!

Aside from "motivational t-shirts", consider the company Lululemon that makes fitness apparel. Many women won't wear the yoga pants if they don't feel their shape is adequate enough to do so. They won't wear spandex or the Wunder Unders that the company sells for $82.

However, if you see someone wearing these outfits, you'll think, "Wow, they must be in good shape because they work out." It's all about perception, and certain types of clothing will no doubt send a message to those that see you. Would you like the impression to at least be a positive one?

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