Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lift the Holiday Spirit for Those in the LGBT Community This Year!

Do you know someone in the LGBT community that is struggling with family issues right now? Right now during the holiday season it's easy to reach out to others and it's easy to show love. When that holiday spirit goes away, where does it leave you?

I was reflecting on the struggles of many friends I have that have come forward to say they are gay, and yet their families do not accept them or welcome them home during the holidays. What kind of world are we living in?

I began to realize how much I still don't understand regardless of the number of friends I have in the LGBT community, what they feel when others are so close to their family and enjoy holiday traditions. It seems that no one would have to go without a place to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I find out that this just isn't true.

There are so many left without a home to welcome them at this time of year, and probably almost any time of year they don't feel the love and acceptance of even their parents. One of the greatest pains I've ever experienced is the lack of feeling of love from a parent, whether it was through an argument or other issue that came up.

So, how can we fix it? I don't know that we can fix it, but I do believe that we can spend more time and energy reaching out to others less fortunate, meaning even those that have income but those without family to share holidays with.

The LGBT community has been experiencing ups and downs for years, but the focus right now isn't rights, licenses, jobs, or anything else. This is about people. It's time that we STOP separating people upon their gender, sexual orientation, and by their incomes.

What if we just stopped looking at people differently just because they aren't like us? Why can't we just strive to share what we have with others no matter who they are or where they come from? It seems to me that this should be fairly simple, but it's a mystery as to how there are still so many folks left out because they are lesbian or gay, or otherwise.

One organization, Your Holiday Mom, has been receiving letters and phone calls since 2011. The idea behind this was to welcome those that are without family during this time of year. It's a great thing for the LGBT community, and so we thought we would share it and what they do.

This virtual holiday welcome has spread joy to so many, and continues to do so. Loving moms are opening up their hearts to adult children from the community and saying, hey, we love you and wish you a wonderful holiday season. Just the idea that someone cares enough to act as a mother would to them is touching and nothing short of amazing.

Where is the love folks? What have we been doing all of this time that we have been here on this Earth and NOT loving all people? This holiday season, we are asking you to not judge, but open your hearts and homes to those from the "LGBT community" that are without loved ones to share their holiday season with.

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