Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Paul Walker's Inspiring Purchase for Soldier and Bride-to-Be

Paul Walker is no doubt a star to be remembered after his tragic and sudden death earlier this week. Although his death was sudden and tragic, he leaves behind a great legacy for his daughter, friends, and other family members as well.

Today in the news, it was discovered that Paul Walker had purchased an engagement ring for a young couple that couldn't afford to buy their own. While this young couple was inside a jewelry store, Paul Walker was nearby listening to the conversation about their inability to afford a diamond ring for their engagement.

This diamond ring was for a soldier and his bride-to-be that wanted to marry several years ago. At the time, the young soldier had no idea who the actor was, and actually spoke to him while in the store.

Irene King, the sales associate at Bailey Banks and Biddle spoke with Paul Walker after the couple had left, and purchased the ring for the young couple. On top of this $10,000 ring purchase, Walker asked that his involvement remain anonymous.

Irene had agreed to keep the purchase to herself, but now that Walker has passed away, she wanted to let his good deed be known. His compassion for others and his big heart was never a real secret, but he always did things without wanting attention to be drawn to him.

While you might believe it's unreal, Irene King was surprised as well, never having experienced that level of generosity, with such a huge price tag attached to it. She was absolutely stunned, and as you may imagine pleasantly surprised to see someone step up and give so much to a total stranger.

At this time of the year we often recall stories of this nature, and it's truly heartfelt that Irene chose to share it. What if Paul Walker were still with us? Would he still be a great teacher to others about how to give, and how to do it year round and not just once a year?

Truly, this is a remarkable story, and one that is worth sharing. Have you ever done anything for someone you didn't know? Have you ever done something for someone that could NEVER pay you back?

Perhaps it's time for you to do something like this. It doesn't have to be a $10,000 diamond engagement ring,but what about doing something for others that cannot do for themselves? What if you reached out and did something for someone else as a random act of kindness?

This holiday season, let's reflect on the big heart of "Paul Walker", and perhaps learn a lesson that will last the whole year through.

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