Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's Always About Helping Others

You have probably experienced countless trials during the course of your life, but during that time, you probably also received some great blessings, right?

I know for me personally and those I work with, this has always been the case, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We often believe that someone else has a more spectacular life but that just isn't true! In fact, let me share with you a story about a young woman I know that seems to have a glamorous life, yet so few know what she is really going through.

Just So You Know....

A young woman that does some work for me is attractive, intelligent, and an outgoing individual. She has skills upon skills, including painting, drawing, and she is a great writer. Her husband is an amazing man, and they run a gold and jewelry shop in the state of Ohio.

It seems that all is right with the world, and their life is so charmed because she is always smiling. The reality? She is dying inside.

They lost their baby October 1st, and they were trying for 3 years. They encountered a doctor that lied to them about everything, and they had put most of their money into making it happen all to be taken financially by a doctor that was having them go through these procedures and tests for nothing.

As if that weren't enough, a man that had pursued her husband for years to start up a business, encouraged him to quit working for the shop he was with, because he was funding a new store with someone that wanted to reorganize and re-open, turning this into a 3 way partnership.

So, he quit, and started contacting his clients, and making sales and doing business before the store was finished with a quick remodel and more.

Two weeks into this endeavor, he showed up at the shop only to find out that the main backer, with all the capital and the man that would carry his salary for 6 months had decided against it and was not "ALL IN". How devastating.

No salary, a $1600 car repair, and the stress of feeling as though they cannot live their dreams all due to the financial burden.

However, there is something that this young woman knows, and that is that God is good, all the time. She has faith, and even if it seems tough, faith prevails.Why? She knows that her story will help her to help others.

Her heart may hurt, but she still keeps going and working her way through the mud of life. This is what it means to LIVE COURAGEOUSLY!

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