Sunday, February 10, 2013

Abraham Lincoln a Courageous Man

As we look at profiles of courageous leaders, it's no surprise that Abraham Lincoln would be at the top of the list. Lincoln is known as a leader for many different reasons, and he has no doubt been the topic of conversation this past year as the movie that came out was all the rage about Lincoln and his life.

When the movie starts out, it hits home what he was all about, and when talking with the African American soldiers, he knew that he still stood behind abolishing slavery no matter what. Why? Because the men he spoke to were just like you and me, and they were fighting just the same as white men.

It took courage to stand up for what he believed in, and make no mistake that what he believed was on target with our God stands for and created us for. To help our fellow man, and to live life courageously.

Abraham Lincoln Among Courageous Leaders of All Time 

While Abraham Lincoln was courageous for taking a stand against slavery, for what other reasons was he considered a courageous leader? 

Lincoln was a family man, and was dedicated to having his young son around almost all of the time, even when he was out and about trying to find more men to side with him against slavery. He read as many books as he could so that he could learn. 

He begged his mother for books to read because he grew up poor, and at that time he was believed to be among those that wouldn't get opportunities like the other children. 

No matter what happened, nothing seemed to phase Lincoln, and as a result of determination to learn and read, he was becoming more educated by the minute. If you have never seen his list of failures until he got to where he wanted to be, then now would be a great time to take a look at it. 

List of Failures of Abraham Lincoln

List of Lincoln's failures

A common list of the failures of Abraham Lincoln (along with a few successes) is:

1831 - Lost his job
1832 - Defeated in run for Illinois State Legislature
1833 - Failed in business
1834 - Elected to Illinois State Legislature (success)
1835 - Sweetheart died
1836 - Had nervous breakdown
1838 - Defeated in run for Illinois House Speaker
1843 - Defeated in run for nomination for U.S. Congress
1846 - Elected to Congress (success)
1848 - Lost re-nomination
1849 - Rejected for land officer position
1854 - Defeated in run for U.S. Senate
1856 - Defeated in run for nomination for Vice President
1858 - Again defeated in run for U.S. Senate
1860 - Elected President (success)

Now that you have read this list, how does it make you see things differently? The truth is, "Abraham Lincoln" is one of the best examples you could ever follow. Make it a point to study the folks that we are talking about to have a solid idea of how to pattern your life. 

Be proud of the fact that you wish to live courageously, and let others know by wearing it too! Be sure to check back for the next profile of courageous leaders, and CLICK HERE to learn how you can wear your courage today! 


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